Between the doctor and Celine Dion

Between the doctor and Celine Dion

Ten years after leaving Montreal for Paris, Jennie-Anne Walker has carved out an enviable place for herself in France. The new recruit of the show It will not come out from here is currently continuing a tour of previews of a certain film by Valérie Lemercier inspired by Celine Dion.

Those who follow the career of Marc Labrèche will recognize the face of Jennie-Anne Walker, since she played in Les bobos and in 3600 seconds of ecstasy . When she was making a career in Quebec, she also appeared in the credits of Tout sur moi , Les boys and L'auberge du chien noir .

In 2010, she gave up everything to join her lover in France. Today they are married and the parents of a four-year-old boy.

In a telephone interview with Le Journal , Jennie-Anne Walker recounts her first years in France, teaching improvisation in Trappes, in the suburbs of Paris. Then his three seasons in Hero Corp , a TV series combining fantasy and humor.

“When I moved, I didn't have a career plan. It was hard at first, but now I realize it's the best gift I could give myself. I am happy. I work a lot. ”

“A tribute to Céline”

After six months of inactivity due to the coronavirus, Jennie-Anne Walker recently took over the collar. For the past few days, she has been accompanying director and actress Valérie Lemercier in several cinemas across France to present Aline , this highly anticipated feature film inspired by Céline Dion's career. In total, the tandem will visit 40 cities before the film's release, scheduled for November 18 in France. Jennie-Anne Walker plays a Quebec TV host.

The first reactions seem positive, if one relies on the French regional media. “It's the great Valérie Lemercier, a woman for whom I have a lot of admiration,” says Jennie-Anne Walker. What she offers is a super beautiful love story. It really is a tribute to Celine. ”

The actress does not say more. She knows how impatient Quebeckers are to see the end result. “Céline, in Quebec, it's like the Eiffel Tower in France! ”


In October, Jennie-Anne Walker will be back on the recording set of It won't come out from here , a France 2 talk show (which can be seen in Quebec on TV5) in which the doctor Michel Cymes receives personalities in consultation. She plays her assistant there, a role akin to the king's madman in Everybody Talks About It .

“I come to punctuate the program, summarizes the main interested party. I must be funny, but caring. ”

The student in the theater option at Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe won this contract last year. The authors of the show had seen on stage in dinner Joan Bellviure an improvised piece that harvest a great success.

She immediately felt good about her new TV team. “Michel, he's a very nice person. He gave me a great place. He immediately took me by the hand. ”

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