Beyoncé demands justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed in her home by the police

Beyoncé réclame justice pour Breonna Taylor, femme noire tuée chez elle par la police

Washington | The superstar of the song Beyoncé has sent a letter to the attorney general of the State of Kentucky to demand that justice be done for Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed by police in his apartment in march.

This ambulance 26-year-old was home with her companion to Louisville when police of this city in the central United States have, without warning, rammed his door, according to the lawyer of the family.

The agents, armed with a search warrant, were acting in the context of a search wrong concerning a suspect who lived in the building and that was already held. They have reached the young woman in at least eight bullets, according to the lawyer.

“Three months have passed and the family of Breonna Taylor is still waiting for justice,” writes Beyoncé in a letter to the prosecutor, published Sunday on its website.

“Three months have passed and no arrest has been made, none of the agents was fired, ( … ), Three months have passed and the police investigations have raised more questions than answers,” she added.

The singer has asked the prosecutor-general, Daniel Cameron, to prosecute the three police officers involved, to “undertake to ensure that the investigation and the proceedings are transparent’ and to open an investigation on the response of the police of Louisville “the murder of Breonna Taylor”, as well as on the wide-ranging practice that lead to dead repeat of black citizens unarmed.

“This is your chance to put an end to this cycle. Act quickly and resolutely by charging these agents”, she urged, telling him that he had “the power and the responsibility (…) to demonstrate the value of the life of a black woman.”

The death of Breonna Taylor is back on the front of the stage with the events of racism that have swept over the United States after the death on may 25, George Floyd, during which the name of the young woman was regularly chanted.

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