Beyond the moustache Lanny McDonald

Au-delà de la moustache de Lanny McDonald

Many remember the famous conquest of the Montreal canadiens in 1986, with a young Patrick Roy and Claude Lemieux, but few will remember perfectly their opponents: the Calgary Flames.

In the margin of the replay of the matches of the final, scheduled to start from this Monday, may 11, on TVA Sports, a brief portrait of this training is implementation.

Forwards Joe Mullen and Lanny McDonald, a beautiful mustache, had so dominated the Flames with 12 and 11 goals during these playoffs. The offensive of the formation of Calgary, enjoying also the support of a young defender with a powerful launch: a referred to as Al MacInnis. At just 22 years old, MacInnis had collected 19 points in 21 games in the series, 1986.

Before facing the canadiens in the finals, the Flames were eliminated in turn, the Winnipeg Jets, the Edmonton Oilers and the Blues of St. Louis that year.

In front of the net Flames, the Quebec Réjean Lemelin had participated in 60 regular season games. The team of Calgary, however, has trusted a young Mike Vernon during the series, Lemelin being limited to three appearances, including one during the third game of the final against the CH.

The parties of the final of 1986 will be released next week, from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday, may 16.

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