Bianca Andreescu: “I have the impression to be in a movie”

Bianca Andreescu: «J’ai l’impression d’être dans un film»

Bianca Andreescu has the impression of living in a movie. Confined in the basement of her parents in the Toronto area, the sixth best tennis player in the world struggles to maintain form even if conditions are far from ideal.

“I am gloomy at the moment about everything that’s going on,” she mentioned Monday during a session of questions and answers with the fans on the page Instagram of Tennis Canada. “It makes me sad and I feel like I have to be in a movie. We don’t know when it will end or how to treat the disease. This is unreal. I try to use this time to be the most productive as possible,” said she.

Andreescu was approaching a return to the game after missing several months due to a shoulder injury that had forced her to withdraw from the tournament in Indian Wells, before the latter is cancelled due to the pandemic.

According to his words, she returned to the game highly, probably for the next tournament here in Miami.


So for now, she tries to keep in shape as it can down the road “an hour and a half per day because that is all what I can do”, with the equipment she has in her home.

However, she did not hit balls since the forced shutdown, except in the garage where she practices mainly its stolen because, of course, of the restricted space.

“It is difficult to say how I’m going since I haven’t played a lot recently. I think that I am the best. I was ready to play when all has been cancelled.”


Since the tennis occupies almost the majority of his time, and this, for several years, Andreescu is now found in a situation that is not very usual : she has time to think about something other than their sport.

“I learned a lot about myself. I even started doing music, I would never have thought to do. This time has allowed me to sit down and ask me what I like to do other than tennis. I read a lot also and I would recommend it to everyone to choose a book and begin to read. It has been a while, since it is always on our cell.”

The young star has also taken to launch a message to all those who dare to still defy the rules enacted by various governments.

“What is happening in this moment is not a joke. The virus spreads so quickly. If it ends, it is necessary to follow the rules. I want that the summer is coming because I have plans. Then, listen to the rules!”, she mentioned.

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