Biden forced to explain to black Americans, Trump jubile

Biden forcé de s’expliquer auprès des Américains noirs, Trump jubile

Washington | Donald Trump said on Friday that Biden had “lost” the vote of black voters, key to winning the White House, after more controversial comments of her rival, democrat forced to “clarify” that he did not believe that African Americans lacked diversity.

“Joe’s asleep, just lost the Black Vote. This statement is a disaster that we can’t get up! “wrote the american president, using his nickname as the favorite to nominate the democratic candidate he will face in the presidential election of November 3.

He was referring to the controversy caused by remarks made by former vice-president of Barack Obama, in an interview with the us association of black journalists and hispanic (NABJ and NAHJ), to be broadcast Thursday.

“What you all know but most people don’t know is that unlike the african-american community, with some notable exceptions, the hispanic community is a community of incredibly diverse, with attitudes incredibly different on different things,” he said.

In the Face of the controversy, Joe Biden was forced to explain in the evening.

“Earlier today, I commented on the diversity in the communities of afro-american and Latin that I want to clarify “, he tweeted. “I didn’t want to suggest in any way that the african-american community is monolithic – not her identity, not issues, not at all “.

“My commitment to you is this: I will always listen “, he continued. “I shall never cease to beat me to the african-american community, and I will never stop fighting for a future more equal “.

Former right arm of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, 77 years old, has won the democratic primary in large part thanks to the votes of black voters who had offered him a landslide victory in South Carolina after a series of defeats humiliating this winter.

Known for his statements to the punch, often under the rubric of annoyance, Joe Biden has already made several controversial comments regarding African-Americans, voters key to any democrat wanting to win the us presidential election.

And every time Donald Trump, who has been repeatedly accused of making racist comments and scores minimal with this electorate in the polls, snapped it up. “Joe Biden was this morning totally despised and insulted the black community,” he denounced on Thursday.

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