Biden held talks with Putin about Ukraine and 3 more news you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina vaccination payments US news

 Biden held talks with Putin about Ukraine and 3 more news that you could skip

In New York, all private businesses will be required to vaccinate against COVID-19. In Houston, within the walls of an evangelical church, they found thousands of packages of money. In Maine, Arizona, Kentucky and Montana, people who return to work will be paid $ 2,000. Read about this and other news today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

Joe Biden spoke with Vladimir Putin about Ukraine

Details and results of the video meeting are further in the article .

Biden threatened Putin with sanctions if he unleashes war with Ukraine

 Biden held talks with Putin about Ukraine and 3 more news that you might have missed

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Yesterday, December 7, talks between the presidents of the United States and Russia took place via video link. One of the key issues of the video meeting was the possible invasion of Russian military personnel into the territory of Ukraine. It is known that military equipment and forces of the Russian Federation are concentrated under the border with it. During a 2-hour conference, Joe Biden tried to find out from Vladimir Putin why he was pulling up troops and whether he was going to attack. In addition, he warned the head of the Russian Federation about the consequences of a possible invasion.

In particular, Russia and its financial system will face serious economic sanctions from the United States and European countries. Germany is expected to shut down the & # 34; Nord Stream 2 & # 34; in the event of an attack by the Kremlin on Ukraine. In addition, America will provide military assistance in the fight against the aggressor. In response, Putin said that the sanctions are not new for Russia, and that Ukraine is violating the Minsk agreements. The Russian President demanded that NATO not expand further to the East and seize Ukrainian territory.

Washington called on Moscow to de-escalate the conflict and return to diplomacy. As a result of the video meeting, the heads of state agreed that substantive consultations would be held on “sensitive issues”, by which Putin means building up NATO's military potential near the borders with Russia. On Thursday, December 9, Joe Biden will speak with Volodymyr Zelensky, but he never promised the President of the Russian Federation that Ukraine would remain outside NATO. It is not yet known when the next meeting of the two heads of state will take place.

Compulsory vaccinations await all private businesses in New York

 Biden held talks with Putin about Ukraine and 3 more news you might have missed

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In his decree, the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, announced the full vaccination of all private enterprises from December 27, and there are about 184 thousand of them. It will reach thousands of workers, making it the largest campaign to take effect in the United States. The mayor argued for his decision by the fact that the incidence of coronavirus, in particular, the Omicron strain, continues to grow in New York. To date, 7 cases have already been identified.

& # 34; Omicron should be taken into account as a new factor. It gets colder in the city and this creates additional problems with the Delta strain. We are planning festive events & # 34; – reported de Blasio.

At the moment, the situation with COVID-19 in New York is not the most favorable. About 1.5 thousand new cases of infection are recorded every day. Reported by the City Department of Health.

In some states, residents who return to work will be paid $ 2000

 Biden held talks with Putin about Ukraine and 3 more news you might have missed


The governors of Kentucky and Arizona have taken the initiative to pay an additional $ 2,000 to people who return to work. Such a move should remedy the difficult situation in the labor market during the coronavirus pandemic. Plan & # 34; Back to Work & # 34; suggested by Arizona Republican Doug Ducy back in May months before jobless claims ended. Under the bill, Americans who go full-time will receive a one-time check for $ 2,000. And those who decide to return to part-time work – $ 1,000.

& # 34; We have enough vaccine against coronavirus. Millions of Arizona residents are vaccinated. People feel more secure, so they can finally return to normal life, & # 34; – commented Dewey.

Until July 10, Arizona had a program under which unemployed residents of the state received a weekly benefit of $ 300. Now, a check for $ 2,000 should prompt them to go to work. Maine, Montana and Kentucky have also joined this initiative. The governor of the latter, Andy Beshir, said that about 15 thousand workers will receive a bonus of 1.5 thousand dollars if they return to their jobs from June 24 to July 30, 2022.

Maine Governor Janet Mills is also offering $ 1,500 to citizens who start work June 15-30, 2022, as well as $ 1,000 to those starting in July. According to her calculations, we are talking about 7.5 thousand inhabitants. But states such as Kansas, Idaho, Illinois and Florida chose not to incentivize workers with cash payments after the unemployment assistance program ended.

Plumber found thousands of bags of money within the walls of the church

 Biden held talks with Putin about Ukraine and 3 more news you might have missed


At Lakewood Evangelical Church in Houston, Texas, plumber found thousands of dollar bags in the wall. This is one of the largest religious institutions in the world, which is attended by about 50 thousand parishioners weekly. In 2014, the church was robbed. 200 thousand dollars in cash and another 400 thousand in the form of checks disappeared from it. For information about the thieves, they promised a reward of 25 thousand dollars, but this crime has not yet been solved.

In November 2021, the church toilet was being renovated. It was then that 3 thousand packages with money and checks were found within the walls. On the air of the radio station 100.3 The Bull, the plumber who discovered the find said that he had removed the thermal insulation and about 500 packages fell out from under it. It is unclear how the dollars ended up behind the wall in the church toilet and whether they are the same money that was stolen from Lakewood 7 years ago.