Biden said he did not intend to give evidence under the impeachment trump

Former Vice-President of the United States believes that the President has committed a crime entailing the impeachment.

Байден заявил, что не намерен давать показания в рамках процедуры импичмента Трампа

NEW YORK, 5 Dec. /TASS/. Former Vice President of USA Joseph Biden did not intend to give evidence under the impeachment of the American leader is Donald trump. About Biden, seeking the nomination of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, told reporters Wednesday in Iowa, this entry was posted on the website of the Washington Examiner.The former Vice-President was asked about whether he is ready to testify voluntarily. “No. I will not let them [Trump and his supporters] to divert attention from the impeachment process],” he said. “This President has committed a crime entailing the impeachment. I will not allow him to shy away from this,” added Biden.

Previously, trump and some lawmakers from the Republicans has stated that Biden should testify. They noted that the Vice President should clarify questions concerning the work of his son hunter Biden is in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Hunter Biden was part of its leadership.

The United States was rocked by a scandal around the July trump’s conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky. The contents of this conversation was ultimately the reason for the start of the House of representatives impeachment proceedings against the head of the US administration. This procedure launched by the Democratic party of the USA, controlling, at this stage, the House of representatives. How do you think the political opponents of the us leader, Republican trump tried to convince Zelensky to start investigating activities in Ukraine hunter Biden.Joseph Biden is now one of the most likely opponents of the trump on the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Therefore, according to the Democrats, trump, putting pressure on Zelensky, sought to enlist the support of Kiev in the political struggle.

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