Bike trips with Google Maps, new features designed to Montreal

Déplacements à vélo avec Google Maps, de nouvelles fonctions conçues pour Montréal

To avoid the too great proximity of the means of transport in common, Montrealers have been many to get out their bike, hire bike-sharing, or have bought one. And as the pandemic Covid-19 coincided with the beautiful seasons of spring and summer, the climate could not be more conducive to travel in the city.

Today, the giant Internet, Google has just revealed on her blog statistics very interesting on the ways in which Montrealers move on the big island.

In a few months, ” the demands of cycling routes on the Google Maps app have increased by 456 % in Montreal, 248% in Canada, compared to 69 % at the global level ! “

New features on Google Maps

The functions of cycling routes exist in the last 10 years on the mobile app, Google Maps.

According to the press release, ” it will still be easier to opt for a move to two wheels with the arrival of new features in Google Maps, and Montreal is the first canadian city to have access to among New York, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Mexico City and many others “.

Even if you know the route to get to work, it may change depending on several factors.

“That’s why we strive to take account of new information. For example, because of the Covid-19, many cities add and extend bike paths to encourage people to travel by bike and allow more cyclists to pass. In the coming months, we will integrate hundreds of thousands of new bike trails to Google Maps.

“Over the next few weeks, Google Maps will offer routes of self-service bicycles in these 10 cities, thanks to its partnership with Ito World and its partners from around the world,” one can read on the blog.

Today, thanks to a partnership with Bixi, Montreal’s, can now plot their route, identify the location of the terminal Bixi closest as well as identify the number of bikes available at this terminal – all in Google Maps.

Summary of data managed by the artificial intelligence of Google Maps to determine the best routes on two wheels :

  • the quality of the surfaces and the presence of obstacles
  • the road works
  • the tunnels
  • the degree of the slopes
  • the addition of new runways or expansion of existing

And for users of services of bicycles :

  • the best route to walk to the terminals in close proximity
  • the availability of bicycles
  • the link to the mobile application of bike sharing
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