Bild: macron called on NATO to treat Russia as the enemy and focus on the fight against terrorism

Bild: Макрон призвал НАТО не считать Россию врагом и сосредоточиться на борьбе с терроризмом

During his recent speech, Emmanuel macron said that the common enemy, NATO is international terrorism, not Russia or China, writes Bild. According to the expert jörn Leonhard, the desire of the Macron to improve ties with Russia due to the fact that the French President is skeptical of the new world order and is looking for foreign alternatives.

The common enemy of NATO is not Russia and not China and international terrorism, writes Bild, quoting the words of the President of France Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday.As the newspaper notes, in recent years Makron shows a new approach to NATO, Europe and the German-French relations than criticism from their partners. For example, in Berlin and in Warsaw responded negatively to the words of the Macron about “brain death” NATO: Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki even called such statements “dangerous.”Meanwhile, Russia and China the words of Him, most likely, was received very positively, since they correspond to a long-standing rhetoric of the two powers in relation to NATO. For Merkel, this means that now in the face of Makron she has another enemy in the ranks of the Alliance, along with Donald trump. As writes Bild, the French leader is going to replace NATO European army. Merkel in turn. noted that “nand the moment, Europe cannot protect themselves. We depend on the transatlantic Alliance and need to work on it and responsible for it”.As noted by Bild, the role of France in NATO has always been controversial: from 1966 to 2009, the Paris was not involved in the strategic planning of the Alliance. However, according to the newspaper, the real reason the words of Makron on a “common enemy” is the recent death of 13 French soldiers during anti-terrorist operations in Mali. The French leader stressed that “this Alliance is based on deeds, not words”.In addition, macron demanded to strengthen cooperation with Russia: “Is Russia our enemy? I don’t think so”. According to the French President, he intends to build a new architecture of confidence-and security in Europe.The reason for such action Makron is sceptical about the new world order, said history Professor from the University of Freiburg jörn Leonhard. In particular, this refers to the erosion of the transatlantic relationship and the conflict between the US and China. According to Leonard, the Makron think about what sort of role will play France in a changing environment, so sending a warning to NATO and is looking for foreign alternatives. This also includes the words of the Makron that without Russia it is impossible to solve the Syrian crisis.

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