Bild: otkazniks Brits will not stop the launch of the new European Commission

Bild: отказничество британцев не помеха началу работы новой Еврокомиссии

The failure of the UK to appoint a Commissioner to conduct the elections on 12 December is no longer a hindrance to the start of the new composition of the European Commission, writes German tabloid Bild. The EU decided that the lack of a British Commissioner will not have a negative impact on the functioning of the European Union, so Ursula von der Leyen will be able to officially lead the new European Commission on 1 December.

Ursula von der Leyen still has done its job: if nothing unexpected won’t happen in a week, December 1, it will be able to fully enter into the rights of the head of the European Commission, informs German tabloid Bild.After that, she will lead the European Institute until 2024. The key to success von der Leyen, the magazine says that the German presidency in the Council of Europe in the second half of 2020.The EU is no longer going to let the London to deter and annoy him, the author of the article. The refusal of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to appoint a Commissioner to conduct the election on December 12 “may not adversely affect the flawless functioning of the Union and its organs and, thus, does not preclude the appointment of the next Commission,” said “is underlined a cool” legal opinion of the EU, writes Bild.This course Monday should be followed by most EU countries after the government of Johnson after repeated demands undermined the terms of the statement regarding the European Commission for its failure. Completing its work the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in connection with orgasnisation wanting to leave the EU the British brought in their relation proceedings on breach of contract, threatening the UK with a monetary penalty.The last major obstacle awaits Ursula von der Leyen in the European Parliament in Strasbourg: on Wednesday morning it should introduce your team and program with respect to which after two hours of deliberations, the vote will take place.Due to the fact that the European Parliament blocked the appointment of both candidates, now everyone is counting on the approval of the team as a whole. According to Bild, Wednesday is also the day when Juncker successfully undergoing a medical operation is going to be back behind my Desk.Actually, the new Commission was to begin work on 1 November, the newspaper reminds. However, with the appointment of commissioners is having delays because the European Parliament did not approve the original candidates from France, Romania and Hungary. New candidates from these countries received the approval of MEPs.In addition, on December 1 in the position come the future President of the EU Council Charles Michel. In front of the former Belgian Prime Minister is a thankless task to be a mediator between the remaining 27 EU countries when discussing multi-year EU budget. So far, the performance of different States on the amount of future membership fees differ dramatically, according to the article.Michelle believes that every invested in the EU cent good investment: “Europe should be more proud and confident in regards to how we can improve the daily lives of people.” In Europe can live anyone who wants it, and everyone is free to Express their opinions. People have free access to the courts and independent media, they can travel abroad. “These freedoms should never be taken for granted,” — said the Belgian.In recent weeks, von der Leyen held weekly meetings with Juncker and Michel what she said when receiving the award “Bambi” in Baden-Baden on Thursday. “Europe is colorful, wild and beautiful — and, like any family, sometimes it is not clear who should wash the dishes,” said Ursula von der Leyen.At the Congress of the CDU on Friday, she left the Board of the party and promised to help to “give our children a good Europe”, concludes the German tabloid Bild.

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