Bild: “the affectation and hypocrisy” — Makron moved into the attack on the “offended defenders” NATO

At the Paris forum in the world Emmanuel macron defended his words about “brain death” of NATO, and then all moved to attack his critics, according to Bild. In particular, all those who were hurt by his harsh remarks against the Alliance, the French leader was accused of “affectation and hypocrisy” and called to “see the truth”, says the German tabloid.

Bild: «жеманство и лицемерие» — Макрон перешёл в атаку на «оскорблённых защитников» НАТО

ReutersПрезидент of France Emmanuel Makron defended his words about “brain death” of the Alliance, and then all “launched an attack” on his critics, according to Bild.

All those who criticized his sharp statements about NATO, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, — the French leader was accused of “affectation and hypocrisy”, says the German tabloid.

During the opening ceremony of the Paris conference, a peace Emmanuel macron in the eyes of the leaders of 30 countries first recognized that he was really “hurt” some of his statements about the North Atlantic Alliance.

Nevertheless, the newspaper notes, after such recognition, the French President added: “We must look truth in the eye. Affectation and hypocrisy will not help.”

On the French leader, however, did not stop and continued to “Express their dissatisfaction”, emphasizes Bild.

At the Paris forum for peace Emmanuel macron stated that the international system is going through “an unprecedented crisis”, and the work of the United Nations was “blocked.”

It is therefore necessary to seek new forms of cooperation and solution to the crises, called on the President of France.

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