Bild: the German foreign Ministry has condemned the US for meddling in energy policy in Europe

Bild: немецкий МИД осудил США за вмешательство в энергетическую политику Европы

The U.S. Senate adopted the law on sanctions against the “Nord stream — 2”. In the German Ministry of economy decided that punitive measures were not directed against Germany, but the foreign Ministry has another opinion, according to Bild. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has made it clear: the European energy policy is decided in Europe and not in the USA, and Germany categorically rejects attacks from outside and extraterritorial sanctions.

The US Congress passed the sanctions in respect of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, running under the Baltic sea, writes German tabloid Bild. The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved a new defense budget, which contains, among other things, punitive measures against companies and individuals involved in the construction of Russian gas pipeline.As reminds the edition, last week the sanctions approved by the U.S. house of representatives. Now they must be signed by the President, Donald trump. Sanctions against vessels used for laying pipes, as well as their owners. As punitive measures provided for them the ban on entry into U.S. and freezing their assets in the country.Senators passed a new defense budget by a majority of 86 votes. No one doubts that trump also wants to impose sanctions. The American President known for his sharp criticism of the pipeline, which should significantly increase the potential volumes of Russian gas supplies to Germany, according to the article. Trump accuses Germany that it thus lends itself of dependence on Russian gas.The project of the Russian company Gazprom “Nord stream — 2” is faced with criticism and in some parts of Europe. Unhappy are afraid, above all, of weakening alternative pipelines and traditional transit countries such as Ukraine.Supporters of the project, by contrast, argue that the new pipeline will strengthen energy security of Europe and will contribute to more favorable energy prices — in particular, compared to the more expensive liquefied gas from the USA.Construction of a new pipeline has progressed far. In many places it runs parallel to the existing Nord stream. The starting point of the pipeline is on the coast of the Baltic sea West of Saint Petersburg, the end must be in Lubmin near Greifswald.Us sanctions may hit in the first place, according to Switzerland-based offshore company Allseas, which provided for the construction of “Nord stream — 2” your ship Pioneering Spirit, reaching 382 m long and 124 m wide.As stressed by Bild, the German government has prepared for possible sanctions by the United States. This edition has learned from the secret document of the Ministry of economy of Germany, where the situation is assessed on the basis that the U.S. Senate will pass the new defense budget, as happened in the end.The document of the Ministry of economy of Germany contains the statement: “the German Government does not exclude that the declared sanctions will hamper the work on the laying of pipes in the Danish external economic zone”.Unlike the foreign Ministry of Germany, the Ministry of Economics believe that US sanctions are not directed against Germany and not aimed at the “Nord stream — 2” directly. “Western investors, as well as the consortium “Nord stream — 2″, are not the focus of the announced sanctions,” — said in a Ministerial document. Thus, the opinion of the Ministry of economy contrary to the position of the German foreign Ministry, said the German tabloid.In particular, the Minister of state in the German foreign Minister Niels Annen wrote on Twitter: “the Clear position of foreign Minister Heiko Maas on U.S. sanctions against Germany: “the European energy policy is decided in Europe, not in USA. The attacks from outside and the sanctions having extraterritorial effects, we categorically reject”.As noted in the article, the upcoming work on the pipeline approximately 30 km of which pass through German waters would not be affected provided in the us bill of sanctions due to the fact that the pipes should be laid at a shallow depth.According to Bild, after Donald trump will sign the bill containing the provision on sanctions, the German government intends “to verify exactly what effect this law will have on the implementation of the gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. In addition, Berlin sees a chance for a possible completion of the pipeline within the 30-day period provided for in the law on the Contracting of works not subject to penalty.Only after these possibilities will be reviewed, the government in Berlin will decide, “what specific measures” to respond to the American law, concluded Bild.

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