Bill 61: the government is pulling back on the controversial measures

Projet de loi 61: le gouvernement recule sur les mesures controversées

Highly criticised, the government Legault pulling back on the controversial articles of the draft law for a recovery accelerated in the economy.

Minister Christian Dubé agrees to limit the period of a health emergency provided for in his bill 61, which allows, among others, the ministry of Health and its institutions to conclude contracts otc without formalities.

“We’re going to listen to what the ombudsman suggested to us yesterday. Then she suggests we put it to a maximum of six months. I will discuss this with the opposition, then we will look at where you can land on this article-there,” he agreed Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, the follow-up committee of the recommendations of the Charbonneau commission had gone to québec’s elected officials warning against the text of the law of the government caquiste, which “creates extremely favorable conditions for the emergence of corruption, collusion and other malpractice related”.

The president of the treasury Board said he was open to amend article 50 of its draft law, which gives wide discretionary powers.

“There is not a Quebecer, and even less in the government, which wants to go back, I apologize, to the years of liberal before the Charbonneau commission. There’s nobody who wants to go there. It sure is”, he insisted.

The opposition parties believe that the government Legault wanted to go too fast and “turned corners”.

More details to come…

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