Bill Guerin more quiet than Marc Bergevin?

Bill Guerin plus tranquille que Marc Bergevin?

Rather mischievous in nature, the director-general of the Wild of Minnesota Bill Guerin would be strangely quiet in his meetings with his counterparts since he was appointed to his position last August.

“During the first few meetings, I did not say a word,” said Guerin, Friday night, joking on the subject with the Quebec Julien BriseBois, general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, during a conference call organized by the national hockey League.

However, during the various meetings between the directors-general, Guerin is often sitting alongside Marc Bergevin, the ceo of the Canadian of Montreal, another former player known for his sense of humor. It is actually the general managers, in alphabetical order of the cities they represent, Minnesota and Montreal, in the present case.

“I do a very good job to not let it out of my mouth all I could say,” added Guerin, as quoted on the website of the NHL.

A crucial impact

On a more serious note, the director-general of the Wild indicated that it was important for him to listen and learn, in the course of the last year, those who have more experience than him.

“Before you get a job as a general manager, you read up on some things, like the small rule changes here and there, and you think that this is not much of it, said Guerin. But no, this is a big deal, and the smallest rule change can have a huge impact because we’re in the NHL, we are the best league in the world, and if we make a rule change, this will have an impact on each league below us. And for me, it was a true revelation.”

This is in part why Guerin has shown a remarkable wisdom in the course of the last year. Sooner or later, however, it may joke more with Bergevin.

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