Billions Poroshenko and plundered grants. What do you got Giuliani during his visit to Ukraine

Миллиарды Порошенко и разворованные гранты. Что "накопал" Джулиани во время визита в Украину

The former attorney General became one of the main “witnesses Giuliani”, giving an interview in Budapest brought them to journalists. Photo: Twitter Chanel Rion Personal attorney trump Rudy Giuliani is preparing a report on Ukrainedate after a two-day visit to Kiev where he was looking for dirt on the opponent of his client Joe Biden.

“I am gathering evidence to protect my client from false accusations made against him,” succinctly explained to Giuliani, the aim of the Ukrainian voyage to comments New Uork Times.

Trump has already announced “a lot of good information.”

Part of “Kiev sensation,” Giuliani published in his “Twitter”. In particular, that under the wing of former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch stolen $ 5 billion, most of which, according to him, was allocated to non-governmental organizations of the U.S. Embassy (NGO), which in turn pressured the Ukrainian police, the security forces are not investigated.

In advance of the misuse of funds of the United States, wrote to Giuliani, found the accounting chamber of Ukraine, and it occurred during the Obama administration, at a time when Biden was a key figure.

The Giuliani report, which will include dirt on Biden, Jovanovic and former Ukrainian government, shall submit to the Congress, the US attorney General and the Ministry of justice in contrast to the case of impeachment, which launched the Democrats.

“Country” found the details of the visit of Giuliani and that he was able to “dig” in Ukraine.

Grant – on the way out, the case against Poroshenko

Lawyer trump was accompanied by a TV crew from close to the Republicans of the channel, One America News, which serves a three-part program “Ukrainian witnesses destroyed the thing Schiff” (Adams Schiff is the head of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives held impeachment hearings).

We are talking about the case of Biden, which trump accused of corruption in Ukraine while serving as Vice-President under President Obama, namely that he got his son hunter to the gas company Burisma and the alleged blackmailing by using a billion dollars, Poroshenko ordered to dismiss the then Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who investigated the case for this firm.

The program also accused of lying Jovanovic, who testified against trump in Congress, calling Lutsenko corrupt and Avakov – a “reasonable person.”

The Democrats dismiss the charges Jovanovic of corruption. As reported by CNN, of $5 billion, which, according to Giuliani, was stolen, only 6% was spent on non-governmental organizations, and the rest, they say, left the case on the issues of security and military Affairs of Ukraine.

“In addition, 5 billion came to Ukraine from several Western countries, not only from the United States,” – says CNN, where a trip Giuliani in Kiev called “anti-budenovskoy expedition.”

And according to the Wall Street Journal, jovanović tried to prevent attempts by Giuliani to put pressure on the Ukrainian side to investigate against Biden.

“The program is the same, which was removed reporters along with Giuliani, I want to show that Biden, and not trump put pressure on the Ukrainian government, and Ukraine, not Russia interfered in the elections in the United States, with the assistance of Jovanovic. Which allocated us aid pocket grant organizations. Ukraine will also be in the aftermath of Giuliani’s testimony on the corruption of the previous government and exorbitant spending on NGOs. Which may result in a criminal case against Poroshenko and the end for many eaters,” told “the Country” surrounded by Giuliani.

How to earn billions in state debt of Ukraine

Giuliani arrived in Kiev on 4 December flight budget airlines WizzAir from Budapest, where eve recorded an interview with former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who, in particular, spoke about the imposition it jovanović list of “untouchable” with grant-and fighters.

Actually it Lutsenko, apparently, is a source of information about vorostve “grant -” $5 billion of American aid under the “roof” of the American Embassy. At least, it is the subject of “moved” back in March, when for the first time openly confronted Jovanovic.
Lutsenko told about the billions squandered under the auspices of the ex-Ambassador Yovanovitch

In addition to Lutsenko, in the capital of Hungary, lawyer, trump has met with a former employee of the US Embassy Andrei Telizhenko, a former people’s Deputy Andrey Artemenko (last summer he became the only Ukrainian who testified before a Grand jury in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the alleged Russian interference in elections in the United States, which has never been proven) and is a former Chairman of the CEC Mikhail Okhendovsky, who, along with former campaign Manager to trump Paul Manafort involved in the case of “black accounting” of the Party of regions (all three of them flew for an interview in Washington on 30 November).

In Kiev Giuliani personally met with Shokin, which previously talked on Skype, as well as independent MP Andriy Derkach and “a servant of the people” Alexander by Dubinsky.

“Discussing the giant waste that has been spent under Obama and President Poroshenko. First, it is a 5 billion looted American aid, which in 2014 was provided to Ukraine and much of which has been disbursed of the grant organizations. Separately talked about the lines going through the offshore companies in the us hedge Fund Tempelton Fund $ 7.4 billion in stock, to which he bought the bonds of domestic government loan of Ukraine. The Fund involved and Biden, both Democrats, and Yanukovych and Poroshenko, who in 2017, bought on the cheap part of the shares Tempelton. In other words, they illegally earned on the state debt of Ukraine. And the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine under the leadership of Jovanovic, as Lutsenko told Giuliani, blocked the investigation of 7.4 billion,” – said “Country” Telizhenko, which would meet Giuliani in Budapest and Kiev.

He Telizhenko testified to the intervention of Ukraine in the elections in the United States, namely, as the then government and the American Embassy has supported Hillary Clinton, the opponent of the trump.

Миллиарды Порошенко и разворованные гранты. Что "накопал" Джулиани во время визита в Украину

In Budapest Giuliani met with Andrei Telizhenko, Andrei Artemenko, Mikhail Okhendovsky and Yuriy Lutsenko. Photo: Facebook Artemenko

About the Fund Tempelton told Giuliani and Dubinsky, who accused the structure that it facilitated the laundering of 10 billion US dollars Yanukovych and Poroshenko. Moreover, “in”, according to Dubinsky, was the leadership of the NBU, as well as Ukraine’s representative to the IMF Rashkovan.

“Ride Rudy in Kiev was a surprise for the Ukrainian side, and officials in Washington. Giuliani never even met the interim attorney William Taylor, for whom the arrival of Giuliani was also a surprise. As they say opponents of trump, he met with ambiguous characters – the former prosecutors, dismissed from scandal, and MPs associated with Kolomoisky, whom Giuliani in may called enemy trump. Now the concept has changed,” said “Country,” the American journalist Peter stone.

Visit trump was caught by surprise and office Zelensky. As reported by BuzzFeed, ze learned about the arrival of the lawyer trump in the media.

As he said, “the Country” surrounded by Giuliani have not had any meetings with representatives of the Ukrainian government and inner circle Zelensky.

“Giuliani can see that the team Zelensky in the first position are the people in Ukraine are called “Sarasate”. That is, focused on the democratic party of the United States. They see that the President’s team Zelensky in its current form is not going to actually investigate any intervention of Ukraine in the elections in the United States, nor the corruption of the family of Biden. And then the subject for the meeting yet,” – said the source.

Normandy and Kolomoisky

Representatives of grant agencies have put forward their theories of the visit, Giuliani, linking his visit with the meeting channel four and even accused him of working for the Kremlin.

“Tin. I don’t believe in such coincidences. Now it turns out that Giuliani work out the chords of the Kremlin in front of the Normandy,” wrote on his page on Facebook Daria kaleniuk, Executive Director of the Center for combating corruption – just one of the structures that has been actively mastered the grants of alikantsev on the fight against corruption and worked closely with the American Embassy.

In the next post kaleniuk indignant accusations Giuliani about the intervention of Ukraine in the elections in the United States, calling it the Kremlin’s propaganda on the eve of Normandy.

Many people say that Giuliani met with the MP by Dubinski, which is associated with Kolomoisky, and make conclusions about a possible Alliance of people trump and Dnipro oligarch.

So, international journalist Ivan Yakovina believes that “born in Kiev Alliance [minions] trump and Kolomoisky.”

But political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko believes that Kolomoisky is going to help in the case of Biden, to find understanding with trump for the withdrawal of claims of the FBI and softening the tough stance of the IMF, which refuses to give a loan if he will return PrivatBank.

By the way, we already wrote that Kolomoisky is persistently looking for the exits on a trump.

Then we quoted source in American political circles, who said that their interests coincide in terms of confrontation with the “Sarasate”.

“Trump doesn’t mind to use the influence of Kolomoisky on Zelensky to solve their issues. Namely, in the criminal case against Biden and cleaning of the Ukrainian authorities from the lobby Soros and the democratic party. Moreover, no special preferences for that Kolomoisky is not offered. Except for a freezing of criminal cases against him,” said the source.

As you can see, this version gets a definite confirmation.Alexander Kharchenko

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