Bills dating back to 2013: $ 40 million in pension plans

The City of Saguenay has injected no less than $ 40 million in public funds into the retirement plans of its employees over the past four years to make up for the shortfall accumulated between 2008 and 2013.
LCouncilor Kevin Armstrong made a point of intervening after the adoption of a borrowing by-law of $ 7 million to invest in pension plans. He explained to taxpayers that these investments did not produce any additional services and only serve to pay a bill that should have been paid several years ago.

Councilor Amstrong recalled the famous $ 543 per door as a performance cited by Mayor Jean Tremblay during his term of office. The unpaid invoices of the time have not disappeared and, according to the advisor, the citizens today must assume this invoice.

On the other hand, the situation does not seem to be good between the board and the general management of Promotion Saguenay. Rumors had circulated about heated discussions between Mayor Josée Néron, president of Promotion Saguenay, and its general manager Patrick Bérubé.

The city council therefore extended Patrick Bérubé’s employment contract until December 31, while he was completing a four-year term. Mayor Josée Néron said that this decision would go to the next municipal council.

In another vein, the mayoress of Saguenay Josée Néron confirmed the submission to the regional aluminum table of the concerns of councilor Julie Dufour in connection with the future of the facilities of the multinational Rio Tinto at the Jonquière complex.

During the last meeting of the municipal council, the president of the Jonquière borough asked that Saguenay intervene directly with the Minister of Finance of Quebec, Eric Girard, to try to obtain investments very quickly from Rio Tinto. . This public exit of the councilor followed another exit of the municipal councilor Jean-Marc Crevier who wants the nationalization of the dams.

According to Josée Néron, Julie Dufour’s position was brought to the regional table. She also added that a request for a meeting had been lodged with the minister’s office in order to address the problem of the Jonquière complex. Ms. Dufour would have liked the City to take its own initiative in connection with the Jonquière complex since it is its facilities that are threatened.

It should be remembered that the multinational has obtained extensions from the Ministry of the Environment which authorizes it to operate the prebaked vats at Jonquière until 2025 and everything indicates that the company does not intend to claim a new extension. .

Fashionable rental buildings

In addition, the Saguenay urban planning commission is working on a request to modify the urban plan for the grounds of the Nepal outdoor center, on the banks of the Rivière aux Sables, in Jonquière. The site, which has been among the gems of the region for many years, has lost its luster.

According to city councilor and committee chair Marc Pettersen, the pandemic has been difficult for the owners of the site. They asked the City for permission to make a major transformation for rental buildings with four units.

“We are not opposed to the request, but we do not want to change the zoning which is recreational. It is a beautiful site with the cycle path and the river. We want to go further and ask the promoter for details in order to verify the project as a whole, ”said Marc Pettersen.

The City has also changed the zoning by-law in another file. The councilors adopted the request of the owners of Faubourg Sagamie, which aims to allow the construction on the site of rental buildings.

The promoters will thus demolish part of the shopping center. Apartment buildings will be erected. This solution should make it possible to ensure the longevity of the shopping center.

Still within the framework of the land designations, Saguenay made the necessary changes to use land located on Panet Street, near the Cégep de Jonquière. The industrial incubator project is supported by Promotion Saguenay.

Mayor Josée Néron recalled that this is the third incubator set up by Saguenay since the start of the current four-year mandate. Saguenay thus has a digital incubator, an agricultural incubator and, finally, the industrial incubator on rue Panet.