Bio electronic nose will replace search dogs

Биоэлектронный нос заменит поисковых собак

Russian scientists have created a device capable of dangerous substances by smell to determine the freshness of the products, and also to diagnose the disease. In the future the device will be able to replace search dogs at airports and railway stations, write “news”.

Bioelectronic nose developed by scientists from the scientific-manufacturing complex “Technological centre”, Moscow Institute of electrical engineering.

A unique device consists of a microchip equipped with nanodetectors, which is formed at the bottom of microwells special. These containers are closed on top of the hydrophobic membranes. Determined by odor molecules through a special membrane into the solution with a DNA aptamer, and then the holo-detector on the bottom of the cell registers their interactions.

It is noted that the first smell, which determined the device was the vanilla flavor, consisting of 300 volatile compounds. In the future, the device will be able to find any connection.