Birthday protest: “Yellow jackets” will hold a jubilee campaign

День рождения протеста: «Желтые жилеты» проведут юбилейные акции

The participants of the French protest movement of the “Yellow jackets” are going to hold an anniversary rally in honor of his “birthday”. For the first time demonstrators took to the streets six months ago, in November 2018, reports “Interfax”.

The dissenters plan to take to the streets in several major French cities including Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse. It is expected that during the stock may start riots, because some of them were not agreed with the authorities.

According to local media reports, in Paris, held several demonstrations, including in the city centre, on the Champs Elysees. Prefecture of police, in turn, reminded the participants that in close proximity to the Elysee Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and the National Assembly prohibited the action.

However, due to the excessively harsh police action, the protesters intend to conduct unauthorized activities. According to them, using tear gas and other lethal weapons during permitted demonstrations, the police violates the law.

Recall that the “Yellow vests” initially protested against rising prices of motor fuel and social policy of the authorities. At present, more and more people demand a change of policy and the resignation of the President of France Emmanuel Makron.