Bitcoin miners are prepared to produce 18-million account BTC

Биткоин-майнеры готовятся добыть 18-миллионный по счету BTC

According to the bitcoin miners are prepared to produce this week, 18 million coin BTC. And then to 2140 year will remain to produce only 3 million of bitcoins, that is 120 years only 14% of the total supply top cryptocurrencies. Miners competing for the reward of cryptocurrency, was never so active as now. The level hashing has reached record levels. Recall that every 4 years the size of awards to miners is halved. After halving for mining new coins and making money you have to work more and more. It is not surprising that since 2009, the market received 21 million bitcoins, which accounts for almost 85% of the total. The rest is small, but the miners will have to put a lot of effort to get it. It is known that from the extracted lot of coins lost. According to estimates Bitcoinist is at least 20%. A Bitcoin according to experts, may not be more than 15 million people.

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