Biznes Alert: the West pushed Russia into the arms of Africa

Biznes Alert: Запад сам толкнул Россию в объятия Африки

African Renaissance in the foreign policy of the Kremlin came after a long cooling of relations between Russia and the West. Africa looks at Russia absolutely other eyes than Europe, and especially Poland, says Polish journalist Patricia Repacka. Portal BiznesAlert she stressed that for Russia, this continent is concerned primarily with geopolitical significance.

Russian game for influence in the nuclear field occurs not only in the Old world. Moreover, while the illegal annexation of Crimea has strained relations between the West and Russia, but the sanctions prevented economic development of this country, politicians in Africa have made the Russian business with open arms, which caused the dissatisfaction of the US and China, writes the portal BiznesAlert Polish journalist Patricia Repacka.
Vladimir Putin saw the potential in the African continent, when he became President of the Russian Federation in 2000. Since it is possible to observe the intensification of economic relations with the continent, aided and beaten during the period of the Soviet Union way. At the opening of the business forum Russia — Africa in Sochi, Putin noted that trade flows between Russia and Africa over the past five years has doubled and exceeded $20 billion, says the author.In the Sochi meeting was attended by 6 thousand guests, including more than a thousand business representatives and 54 representatives from African countries. Interesting the 30th paragraph of the Declaration, in which countries declare the necessary assistance to large Russian companies in Africa and African companies in Russia.During the summit, signed the contracts, agreements and memorandums totaling 1 trillion rubles. Signed intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Rwanda on the construction of center of nuclear science and technology and signed an agreement with Ethiopia on cooperation in the field of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. This is not the first such agreement, because Russia for many years to strengthen ties through cooperation in the energy sector. In recent years, Russia has signed several such intergovernmental agreements, and Rosatom is already working with more than 20 African countries, explains the author.“For Russia, this continent — not just another market. This is one of the key elements of the diversification of the global diplomatic relations and the security sector”, — writes Repacka. Africa can also offer natural resources that are fighting the largest country in the world. Today the economic situation of African countries are dependent on hydrocarbons, minerals and access to them. Business agreements, including agreements in the nuclear sphere between Russia and Africa should contribute to the strengthening of relations. Africa is one of the priority markets in the world, along with the Middle East and Asia for Rosatom, which wants to satisfy the demand for its new nuclear reactors, said the journalist.African Renaissance in the relationship will probably be based on relations with former Soviet allies such as Egypt. Russia promotes unlimited economic cooperation, adding the anti-American rhetoric and pragmatism related to the excessive dependence on Chinese funds and investments.“Africa is looking at Russia from a completely different point of view than the West or Europe, and especially Poland. The participation of Russia can become a financial support for Africa. However, it should be noted that due to financial constraints, Moscow is today less likely to attract African countries large investments. But it has a good chance to gain political influence in Africa, and it is not concerned about the presence of China, especially in infrastructure. But will she be able to Finance expansion in Africa?” — sums up the portal BiznesAlert Polish journalist Patricia Repacka.

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