Black market pills against ADHD at the university

Marché noir de pilules contre le TDAH à l’université

A student has been sanctioned by the discipline committee of the University of Laval after being pinched before the Holidays to have sold psychostimulant prescription to colleagues in search of better performance. The resale of drugs in the family of Ritalin would be more widespread on the campus.

The student in question, enshrined in law, was summoned by the disciplinary committee after having been denounced by members of the student community, according to our information. “This is a student who was selling his own prescription drugs and talked about it openly. It wasn’t even that taboo, ” reports a source to the fact of the record.

Laval University has refused to comment on this specific case, stating that ” disciplinary matters are confidential “.

No comment has been issued in respect of the issue of resale.

Prescribed to treat disorders of attention deficit, drugs of the same family as Ritalin, such as Vyvanse and Concerta, have become popular with young people looking to improve their performance in the examinations.


The problem is at this point known that even a program director has already been raised.

“I suppose that sell small pills into the [flag] De Koninck, this is not serious either ?” wrote in April 2019 Daniel Gardner, teacher of law, to the attention of his students in an email obtained by The Journal.

A dealer also has agreed to entrust themselves under the guise of anonymity on the consumption habits of students.

“There are four big sales periods during the school year. The mid-session and end-of-session, ” says the young man, who deprives himself of the medication in periods of high demand.

All programs would be affected, provides the one that sells its tablets from $ 5 to $ 7 a unit. “There are pushers in not evil all the faculties “, lance-t-il.

A student leaves also to hear that the problem is spreading more and more rapidly, as the competition that exists between the students in certain programs. “People put so much pressure to have the best internships, the best jobs. They say to themselves : if the person next to me takes Concerta, why I would not do it to achieve the same standards “, is concerned about this student.

Easy to find

Another student, currently in the first year, noted the ease with which the substances are available.

Even more need to seek or to have contact, the offer is “very aggressive” during examinations.

“The first time I went with a Red Bull for my exams, I was told : “You don’t want to try this, instead ? It works not bad better”, pointing to a pill of Concerta. And this is not only happened once, “says the young man, indicating that pills,” they are everywhere “.

– With Jérémy Bernier

The demand is more and more strong

The Newspaper has questioned Jean-Sébastien Necessary, a professor in the department of psychoeducation, University of Montreal and expert in substance abuse, as well as the Dr Stéphane Proulx, a psychiatrist at the Hôpital Notre-Dame, on the issue of consumption of psycho-stimulants among university students.

Do you see in your practice an increase of the consumption or demand of psychostimulants among college students ?

Dr Stéphane Proulx : there is a pressure increasingly important, there are more consultations in order to say to the doctors : “I read the description and it looks to me like. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I would like to, please, you me diagnostiquiez and you me prescriviez of psychostimulants. “Yes, unfortunately, sometimes we can outwit the diagnosis.

Consumption not supervised medically of psycho-stimulants has risks ?

Jean-Sébastien Required : A one-time use in a person in health to help finish a session, I do not believe that there is a health issue at this level. But some make it a habit and there, this repeated use, there are risks of dependency and toxicity. And even if this is not an addiction, it can become a kind of crutch that overcomes some of the things, at the expense of other, healthier ways to succeed, such as sleeping.

Do you think that the schools have the responsibility to tackle this issue, and make a greater effort for prevention ?

Jean-Sébastien Required : There is still more in there, in a society with an overload of work. It is difficult to reconcile the roles of students, workers, and sometimes parents, etc., The use of substances is often promoted by the whole thing. […] Unfortunately, universities have become businesses that protect their brand image. The first role of the institutions here would be to foster a change of culture.

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