Blade Runner 2049 : Jared Leto claims to have the answer on the nature of Rick Deckard (attention spoiler)






The question that turlupine the fans of Blade Runner for more than thirty years

As was the case with the polemic and subversive Mother ! of Aronofsky, Blade Runner, 2049, if it does not have the expected success, as his elder at the time, has the merit of stimulating debate. It must be said that the film raises more questions than it answers : what fate is reserved for Joe K (a nod to Joseph K, the main character in the trial of Kafka ?) What are the real intentions of Niander Wallace ? See the end of this sequel mega awaited by the fans, it seems obvious that Denis Villeneuve does not stop there , and that a sequel is clearly planned. One of the puzzles remaining, of course, the true nature of Deckard, a former blade runner, played by Harrrison Ford.


Replicant against replicant ?


So far, a character knows. Omnipresent, paradoxically too rare on screen, but whose shadow hovers throughout the film, the mysterious Niander Wallace, who is Jared Leto ready her features, holds the key. But he intends to keep the answer for him, as explained by the actor at Rotten Tomatoes :

“Denis has given me a gift in the film, and it is a spoiler. In the film, I jump into the mind of Deckard. I asked Denis : ‘but that is what I need to see ? Is it that I see a replicant ? Is it that I see a human ?’ He then took a long pause, an eternity. He made a small turn and came back to tell me : you know what ? It is your decision. Only Niander Wallace knows and only him’. It’s funny, I have the answer and I takes away with me into my grave. “

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That is definitely THE question that everyone asks. Ridley Scott has said, yes it is indeed a replicant, but knowing the temperament of the gentleman, his response is to take it with a grain of salt. The film has been studied, analyzed in all its guises but the more we question it the more the mystery remains…

With one or more of the possible suites, the actor does not hide his excitement :

“I really hope that there will be other films, sequels, origins stories, because personally I love the universe. To me, this is Star Wars “.

A pity that the figures at the box-office is still far away.