“Blade Runner 2049”, page by page, by Tanya Lapointe

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The snow flake paper is one of the anecdotes told in “The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2019”, Tanya Lapointe and Denis Villeneuve.

“I have seen so many things that you might not believe…” This short quote is inscribed (in English) at the beginning of the book The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049, in which Tanya Lapointe documents the production exciting the film by Denis Villeneuve, and it is currently displayed. Words borrowed from the famous monologue of Rugter Hauer in Blade Runner, 1982, in the present case, but which resonated with a renewed relevance throughout the approach of the journalist. Presents the design to the post-production of Blade Runner, 2049, she saw, in fact, nothing less than the magnificence taking shape.

The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 (Alcon Entertainment, 220 pages) is at once a “making-of” of the film in good and due form, AND a beautiful book ; a wealth of information that probably will appeal to the geeks, AND an overview film available. The amount of sketches and photos presented on glossy paper delights the eye. The spirit is not at rest, the confidences of the principal craftsmen can enhance the movie watching experience.


“The idea of a book was there from the beginning,” says Tanya Lapointe. This, as well by his side and that of Denis Villeneuve, but the reality of the filming, with its vagaries, them quickly. When, later, the production company Alcon asked him if writing a book on the production could be of interest, Tanya Lapointe dove into the water immediately in his notes. It was the opportunity to return to his first occupation, while preserving the trace of a creative process in the singular, and is deployed on the canvas huge blockbuster.

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“The reflex of documenting was immediately very strong, she says. I knew that I was in the presence of a unique project. It is a bit of a dream that I realized there. As a child, I was reading non-stop, and I wanted to write. But I was already aware that I had to have something to talk about. With the production of this film, yes, I think that I have something to tell. “


Privileged Position


As we know, Tanya Lapointe is in a relationship with Denis Villeneuve. However, it is important to understand that with Blade Runner, 2049, she was hired by Alcon as a deputy director. It was a key mandate, demanding that it was his responsibility to fill.

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
“The reflex of documenting was immediately very strong, precise Tanya Lapointe. I knew that I was in the presence of a unique project.”

Before, during and after the shoot, she was the one that everyone came to see with specific requests, knowing that this was the best way to be heard by Denis Villeneuve, taken daily with a thousand queries and concerns new.

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“I was the guardian of the bubble, creator of Denis while being in the service of the film, whose production should go smoothly. I was there all the time. For example, at the beginning, Denis is enclosed with the director of photography, Roger Deakins, to determine the look of the film. With them was Sam Hudecki, a graphic designer from toronto, who drew as the camera flashes and the concepts that Denis and Roger stated. That, this part of the embryonic process, no one other than them had access to them. Except me, because I was in the room. “

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She was the proverbial little bird that sees all, in sum.


Of memories and dreams


Among the highlights mentioned in the book : the moment at which the actor Ryan Gosling summed up spontaneously their approach at all.


“We were shooting in Budapest, remembers Tanya Lapointe. On the fourth day, Denis was talking with Ryan, who said suddenly : “Denis, I have the impression that we are in the process of making a film that we have already seen when we were kids, and try to dig it up.” As if this was an exercise of archaeology to bring to light this film ; the excavations in their memories, in their dreams… “


The theme of memory is, moreover, essential, in the Blade Runner universe, with the humans who define themselves from the reminiscences of their life and, on the other hand, the replicants, these humanoids synthesis treated by slaves, who are to implant a false memory. As for the dreams, among the anecdotes gathered, there is precisely one which tells the story of how Hampton Fancher, co-writer of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, allowed him to Denis Villeneuve to break out of the constraints of a creative induced by his admiration for the film original.


“We dreamed of this film : do the same with this film “, he suggested, in substance, Fancher.


And that is that in the long term, from one dream to another, it is the turn of Tanya Lapointe to realize hers.

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