Blasting: the demolition of a tower ends badly in Dallas

Dynamitage: la démolition d’une tour se termine mal à Dallas

The demolition of one tower implosion ended badly Sunday, in Dallas Texas, when the core of the structure of 11 floors has resisted the blasting.

“We could see the building collapsing, and then this tower in the center remained standing. It is still there. Amazing!” one eyewitness said of the scene at KTVT, a local information channel.

According to the experts in demolition, it often happens that the heart of a building and the wells lifts the resist, but in this case, even an excavator on a large range has not been able to put on the ground the tower.

The on-site teams think they now use a crane and a wrecking ball to bring down.

In the meantime, it is not likely to collapse itself according to the authorities.

The land must be used for a new development of 27 acres with several housing estates in height, offices, hotels, restaurants, a park and entertainment.

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