“Blind, deaf, dumb” – Kopatko about what would happen if the peacekeepers will be the OSCE mission

«Слепые, глухие, немые» – Копатько о том, что будет, если миротворцами станет миссия ОБСЕ

© RIA Novosti, Sergey Averin, the OSCE Mission in Donbass failed to do their job. And if you pass peacekeepers from the organization control of the border before the elections in DNR/LNR, no good will not. This was stated by the sociologist and the political scientist Yevgeny Kopatko 5 December at a press conference in Moscow.
“You know, as they are in Donetsk called? Deaf-blind. Zero level of confidence in Donetsk was relatively OSCE representatives. I don’t want these fellows to offend, they also have a complex fate,” categorical expert.

Kopatko also said that in February 2014, the same ex-German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier forced Viktor Yanukovych to sign an agreement with the opposition, and Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that “the formula Steinmeier” is essentially the same the Minsk agreement.

“Europeans, in principle, failed the theme with these peacekeepers. Ukraine at the time, set them up, under the situation that they do their punitive function. Now the situation is different,” explained the analyst.

The words of the speaker were made during a press conference on the theme “the Paris summit for the Donbass: whether to wait for a breakthrough?” in the framework of the special project “Ukrainian dossier” edition of the Ukraine.ru.

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