Blindspot season 3: Episode 6, what will happen?

Last Friday night, episode 5 of Blindspot Season 3 aired on NBC. So it’s time to discover all the details of episode 6 titled “Adoring Suspect”.

This season 3 of Blindspot starts very strong. Each new episode manages to surprise us and captivate our attention. Last week, in episode 5 of Blindspot season 3, Kurt’s awful secret was revealed. He had known from the beginning that Jane had a daughter and he even met her during her stay in Berlin … Why is he hiding this important information from Jane? What’s really going on between Kurt and the girl? We should get more answers in episode 6 of Blindspot season 3 , titled “Adoring Suspect” , which will be aired Friday night on NBC.

The task force on the shooting of a film.
Episode 6 of Blindspot season 3 promises to be intense and heartbreaking! The synopsis of “Adoring Suspect” tells us that the FBI team will go on the set of a movie later shown in the cinema to try to stop a terrorist plot with unlikely lenders. For his part, Roman will blackmail Weller with a horrible secret about Jane. One obviously thinks of the girl of the heroine. Who is she really and how did she know her mother’s identity? In addition, the promo video tells us that Kurt hides another terrible secret from Jane who could destroy it .. What is it? One thing is certain, it’sBlindspot . Will Kurt’s betrayal be explained? Answer Friday night, but in the meantime, discover the spoilers of the week!

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