Blitz: 12 quick questions to Mikhail Labkovsky. Ask readers fresh&free

In our instagram account, we asked you to write in the comments the questions you would ask Michael. We talked with renowned psychologist published the answers

Блиц: 12 быстрых вопросов Михаилу Лабковскому. Спрашивают читатели fresh&free

— And is there any people who don’t need a psychologist?

— Yes, they exist.

— What comes to you most often? What are the main problems people have?

— First of all, how to live and be happy, how to learn to enjoy life. Second — alarm.

— How much a person can change in the course of psychotherapy? Really just to get rid of their problems or can only learn to cope with them?

— As anyone. Someone really solves its problems, and some learn to adapt and live with them.

— To what extent do you happy — on a scale?

— Not thought about it. Overall I’m happy with my life, but certainly not all the time — not 24 seven. There are different States.

— How a man can understand what he wants — globally, generally with your life?

— This need to learn — as a child learns to walk, talk. We must constantly ask ourselves: what I want to do, what to eat? So you cease to live “on the machine”.

— A reader asks: “How to find the strength to change lives, if only 30 years realized that I was not doing what I would like?”.

— Here the main reason is fear. We need to find them, handle them and then there will be forces for change.

— How to raise a child with a person who knows what he wants from life, who can make the decision, happy?

First — you need to be happy and know what you want. The second is to give the child the opportunity to choose and decide not to push him.

— Still wondering “how to explain to the daughter that first love often does not last.” The context is this: my daughter’s 16 years old, and her young man does not particularly like my mother, she wants to explain, apparently, that can be a options and better.

It is certainly not the first love — the first was in kindergarten. Here mom can do something only with yourself — to find someone instead of the Pope, for example. And the daughter is not necessary to climb, it’s her life.

— What is true love?

Is reproduction a man those feelings that he had a child in relation to adults. A healthy love is when you feel good. If you suffer, love is not exactly true.

A current issue is how to deal with the seasonal Blues?

The advice is simple: go on a journey to lose weight, exercise.

— This echoes the following question: “If health is all right, but I feel constantly tired — how to find the strength to become a vibrant”?

— Sounds like depression. Must help medications.

And finally — what book would you recommend to read?

— I can advise only!

Text: Anastasia ilinykh, editor in chief of f&f.

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