Bloody rebirth Yanukovych began to topple “engedey”

Кровавое перерождение: власть Януковича начали свергать «онижедеды»

Exactly six years ago, December 1, 2013, in the center of Kiev on Independence square started the process that turned the so-called “euromaidan” in the bloody arms of the coup that overthrew President Viktor Yanukovych. Began the degeneration of peaceful protest in the military.

This day was the so-called “popular Assembly”, conducted a three-headed “dragon Kite” Ukrainian European integration — Arseniy Yatsenyuk (then the party “Batkivshchyna” because Yulia Tymoshenko is in a literal sense was in prison), Vitaly Klitschko (UDAR party) and Oleh Tyahnybok (neo-Nazi party “Freedom”). They consecrated their chatter creating a “self-Defense Maidan” — the first cell of militants armed with batons and pieces of rebar. Then they brought up Molotov cocktails, shields, spade handles and weapons of war, and compassionate Kyiv residents brought pots and colanders. To protect against Riot batons, of course. Psychiatrists massively silent then for the first time, and the process has begun. Evolved into the creation and legalization of the “Right sector” headed nowhere appeared Dmitry Yarosh.Finally, the rebirth of independence was issued in January 2014. It was then a good half of peaceful demonstrators from among the crack on the “revolution” of Kiev and political workers, brought for peanuts from the Western regions of Ukraine, replaced sufficiently trained, coached skirmishes and trained in special camps by the militants. And all turned out well, because the riot police and commandos on the protection of the authorities, and thugs, its overthrow, in principle, prepared by the same method. Don’t believe? Ask Valentin Nalyvaychenko, which is still under President Yanukovych publicly and privately in the above-mentioned camps of neo-Nazi and nationalist groups across the country oversaw the preparation of the anti-government-minded militants. And before that he headed the SBU. That is supposed to be and was aware of what is happening. The more that the United States is precisely in these structures the militants began to highlight those “5 billion dollars”, they, as the nurse said “euromaidan” biscuits, Victoria Nuland, has invested in the “Ukrainian democracy”.

Operation rebirth was conducted systematically and, in principle, beautiful. Given the fact that the relatively peaceful “orange revolution” in 2004 (the first successful coup in Ukraine) for “the first five years of the orange madness suffered a complete fiasco. And not only due to congenital debilizma its leaders — President Viktor Yushchenko, who gladly ate the Russian-made dioxin in order “to frame Putin”, but lead could not that country, but even a dummy Tripoli spinning wheels, which subsist at home during free of tests to determine the fact of poisoning.”The orange revolution of 2004″ has failed just because it was peaceful. Not killed, not cleaned, not intimidated and not squeezed out of the country of their opponents from the “old”. Therefore, the euromaidan, according to many observers, it was originally planned bloody. For greater reliability and irrevocable events. And the rebirth began immediately after the November 21, 2013, when one Mustafa Nayem, in gratitude for past services today placed at the head of “Ukroboronprom” to ruin the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, urged everyone to stock up on hot coffee, good mood and plaids, to go to the Maidan and defend “evroassotsiatsiyu”.

When the head of Yanukovych’s administration Serhiy Lyovochkin, to betray his “boss” in the night from 29 to 30 November 2103 organized a provocation and tried under the camera forces of riot police to disperse “people with coffee” and the alleged student protesters”, it became clear who was preparing to overthrow the government. This, I may say, “operation” has entered the annals as “beating rigidity”. Because I think that would be students, romantic and Pro-European-minded young people. One Inna Bohoslovska for the disbursement of small the morning of November 30 was humming on all controlled by Lyovochkin media: “How dare you touch it? They’re children!”.Meme turned noble. Because already then it became clear that just “rigidity” during a really tough and violent dispersal almost never happened. Beat adult men and almost the elderly and grandparents. Today, the former Minister of justice of the presidency of Yanukovych and Levochkin’s betrayal Olena Lukash has published a list of those who came to the local office of the then police with injuries:

Кровавое перерождение: власть Януковича начали свергать «онижедеды»

Кровавое перерождение: власть Януковича начали свергать «онижедеды»

Judge for yourself: students at the appropriate age from 18 to 25 years — times-two and obchelsya. But the “students” Sirenko, Igor Pavlovich from Kiev, born in 1956, Ivanov Vladimir, also from Kiev, in 1957, just stagger the imagination by their passion for science at such an advanced age. As Kryachko Ivan from Rivne, 1962, or a resident of Ternopil region uhrin Vasily Alekseevich, born in 1964. Powerful gathered youth to compete for the “bright European future” of Ukraine — from under 30-nick to more than 50 years. Even that, as many stupidly say they were “correspondence and evening”, does not save this oil painting. And that’s why the crackdown was such a cruel and bloody — “students anizhedeti” provided law enforcement officers are quite competent and professional resistance. They confirmed it and later, killing 17 militiamen. This is when they were joined by the leaders of this motley “student construction team” from the “grandfathers of democracy” — then 43-year-old Andriy Parubiy (“Maidan commandant” and future speaker of Parliament) and the already mentioned Dmytro Yarosh (leader of the “Right sector”).

And then everything went like clockwork. Levochkin gave the head completely and still embedded in the ranks of winners, betraying everything and everyone who crosses your path, in turn. “Anizhedeti aniseedy” demolished the power and blew the center of Kiev in ashes, and continuing today to the same state to post the whole country is already under “the second edition of evromaydaunov” — President Vladimir Zelensky and his “ze-bots.” And, so successfully ruin the country that the “first winner” Maidan — Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko applauds them excitedly. Well, Yanukovych even then chickened out so it was still shaking in Rostov-na-Donu and Moscow for the dacha. And Ukraine accelerated and confidence is reborn in the graveyard. On those plots of land that is not sold by reason of unsuitability.However, today, December 1, I would have to remember that Ukraine in Moscow began with the amazing rebirth and transformation. 28 years ago, in 1991, this day was held the first presidential elections and a nationwide referendum on confirmation of Act of independence. The favorite in the presidential race was, and became President of the former Secretary of the Communist party of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, who all his Komsomol-the party life had been devoted to the struggle against “Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism”, but for the sake of personal power he was headed. Reborn, so to nenki. The citizens of Ukraine by a majority of over 90% confirmed their independence. And I this day went to Moscow to see how Ukraine became independent the Representation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on foreign economic and cultural relations. This is where now the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia, Leontief lane for the Moscow mayor’s office. Then there was a diarchy: actually rules the representative of the government of Soviet Ukraine the Communist “partocrat” Vladimir Fyodorov, but from Kiev were sent to oversee him to his namesake from the “national-Democrats” Vladimir Kryzhanovsky. A referendum to legalize it is not allowed, and they organized in the building of representation as if amusing “popular vote” for anyone in Moscow, considered himself a Ukrainian and supported independence. And, thank God, without the blood. Even without fights.

Me that day was struck by three things. First, how many people already obzhivshie and settle down in the capital of Russia, in a solid outfit and a solid car already came to the future Embassy to say Yes to an independent Ukraine. They would like to pay tribute to his former Homeland. And it was quite touching.

Secondly, and “partocrat” Fedorov, and “Democrat” Kryzhanovsky clearly feared, “if something happens”, and did not care that day, so at least the representation of the inside was posted a new phage of Ukraine is yellow — blue. Not to mention, to post it on the front. For the boss did two already Ukrainian-zarobitchany in Moscow, the young, 20-25 years old, of Zhitomir. They made a flag out of a sheet for yourself and painted it in the desired color. Turned pale, but in Ukrainian. I helped them and asked, “why?” I said without pathos, but in the vein of: “how, without a flag?”. I can still remember.Thirdly, then at each other “reborn” cowardly and cautious and “partocrat” Fedorov, and “Democrat” Kryzhanovsky. First, the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia for three years steer Kryzhanovsky. Him for four years (1995-1999) to the Ambassador returned… Fedorov. Both screw the pooch with independence, both of you. And che well not to fuck, if so successfully turned up.

And I’m now 28 years later, in Moscow, and in Ukraine I’m going to prison from new reincarnate with Maidana leading the country. From those whom I have never seen before, when as a journalist he wrote about the country’s movement to independence. They then, perhaps, not racial right “reborn”. Although age could have. And Poroshenko (his 26 years in 1991 already peddling business), and even Zelensky (Gavroche in the struggle for the freedom of France did not live up to 13 years). But not me, apparently, to make a claim. Me, just out of interest I would like to know where those two zarobitchany with a homemade flag from the distant December 1, 1991, who “was reborn”?Vladimir Skachko

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