Bloomberg: USA assessed the threat of space wars with Russia and China

Bloomberg: США оценили угрозу космических войн с Россией и Китаем

U.S. intelligence decided to reassess the ability of Russia and China “to conduct military operations in space.” The Americans fear that their potential “enemies” develop and implement new technologies to strike not only at the satellites in orbit, but almost any object in outer space, according to Bloomberg. Experts accuse Washington of “failure” to achieve the introduction of international restrictions on space weapons.

The U.S. intelligence community is currently conducting a new assessment of the possibilities of Russia and China to wage war in space. “Existing and potential threats from space wars” has already been used, in particular, to justify the creation of the Space command of the United States, a new Agency for space development — and also, perhaps, the sixth kind of troops that will be called “cosmic forces”, writes Bloomberg.

General U.S. air force John Khayten instructed the national intelligence community to conduct this assessment before leaving his previous post of head of the Strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States, explained in the article. And it currently “carried out by the intelligence community” confirmed the official representative of the United States air force Lieutenant Colonel Christine Hoggatt, which is now the American “military officer number two”, according to Bloomberg. According to her, the new command of the Cosmic forces of the United States will use the trained intelligence an updated assessment “along with current operations,” and important information provided to foreign, civil and commercial partners to define and enter in the term “training requirements and logistical support” for American forces.

Representatives of the US military command has repeatedly expressed “concern” in connection with the achievements of these potential US adversaries in areas such as interference with satellites in orbit, drawing them strikes, as well as the destruction of satellites and other objects in outer space, the article says. In particular, the head of the Department on space policy, U.S. Department of defense Steve China said during a conference last month that threats from Moscow and Beijing “do as high as ever and getting bigger”. These concerns are reflected in the annual report, which 14 November will release authorized by the U.S. Congress special Commission dealing with the analysis of the economy and security, says Bloomberg. This Commission is specifically instructed to report all “economic and military threats” to the United States emanating from China.

Judging by the pre-circulated report, the authors came to the conclusion that China is now “considers space the weak point of US military and economic spheres”. He therefore developed a whole range of weapons systems, direct launch, cyber, electromagnetic and space systems to engage targets in space, capable of hitting space objects, the United States almost all classes, the report said: “it is possible that the United States will be difficult to keep Beijing from using these weapons, because China believes that the United States more vulnerable in space.” The Commission also notes that following the 2007 test, about which much has been written media, China knocked a single, however it continues “almost a year to test kinetic systems hit targets in outer space” — sometimes under the guise of a test of intercepting ballistic missiles, according to Bloomberg.

Generally, evaluation carried out by the national intelligence service, updated US every two or three years, and the results of the new assessments will be included in the next report of the intelligence community “Assessment of international threats to security,” the article says. The report will be opened for General access, however a press-the Secretary of the office of the Director of National intelligence Monica Tullos said in a comment to Bloomberg that “public discussion of forthcoming or previous assessment reports of the intelligence community is not permitted.”

The new command of the Cosmic forces of the United States “daily interacts” with the secret police, assured in this regard and a spokesman for the U.S. air force. “We regularly cooperate and coordinate issues relating to threats in space, including threats from China and Russia”, — said Hoggatt. And the head of the Space command of the US forces General John Raymond said in September that his Agency is “well aware” strategy of China. “We understand their capabilities and quite easy to perceive that they are developing directed energy weapons and is likely to create battle lasers to “blind” our satellites,” said Raymond. He also explained that U.S. rivals are developing powerful orbital systems that are “quite complex” and can have a dual purpose, according to Bloomberg.

All these fears of the American command evidenced by the fact that the Pentagon, according to the congressional Research service of the United States, asked to increase spending on national security in space for the current fiscal year 2020 by $14.1 billion Is about 14% more than in the 2019 financial year, the article says. Meanwhile, according to the Pentagon’s inspector General, the United States currently belong to 870 of the world’s 1880 reconnaissance satellites, communications satellites, navigation and scientific satellites, according to Bloomberg.

In turn, analysts at the arms control, which are closely watching the prospects of creating “anti-space capabilities”, not deny the existing problems in the United States in this area. However, they accuse the us government of failing to achieve “the imposition of international restrictions on space weapons”, the paper reported. “The problem is that in terms of the military use of space not taken any action to curb this competition there are no political or legal agreement limiting the deployment of anti-satellite weapons or formally establishing norms of behavior,” — said in comments to Bloomberg expert Laura Grego.

She also noted that the creation of anti-satellite technologies, including missiles direct hit with direct orbit insertion targets, as well as providing opportunities to get close to another satellite for repair or destruction, “of course, is within the technical capabilities of Russia and China,” at the moment. According to Grego, while the United States manages to retain the leadership in this area, however, Russia and China, if desired, fully able to catch up with the Americans.

Fund analyst “Safe world” Victoria Samson also believes that the military capabilities of Russia and China in the space sector is attributed to the “real and potential threats.” However, the relevance of these threats and “deliberate hostility against the United States specifically,” according to Samson, are exaggerated. She stressed that Russia and China carried out their research and development in the field of anti-space capabilities “in a vacuum” since that time, Americans are not sitting idly by: “Almost everything they develop, develop and the United States — or have already developed”, — said the expert in an interview with Bloomberg.

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