Blue Jays: a former player quebec succumbs to the COVID-19

Blue Jays: un ancien joueur québécois succombe à la COVID-19

The Quebec Timothy Kuziomko, who played 76 games in the minors with the organization of the Toronto Blue Jays, has died of the COVID-19, may 4 at the age of 57 years.

Depending on what was revealed in the daily Toronto Star, Sunday, Kuziomko is indeed the only victim of an outbreak of 24 cases in a factory of the company, in Vaughan, Ontario.

One of the close friends of Kuziomko has brought food to it when he was sick.

“When I saw Tim when he answered the door, there was a low, told Claudio Piroli at the Toronto Star. I asked him if he wanted me to call an ambulance. He said: “no, don’t worry. I am going to eat.” I told him that he should go and get tested to see what is wrong, even if this is not the COVID-19. He said that he didn’t go because he didn’t have a card [health insurance]. No, he didn’t have a map.”

In two seasons with the Blue Jays in Medicine Hat at the advanced level of the recruits, 1982 and 1983, Kuziomko has maintained a batting average of ,211. He has produced 13 points and crossed the marble 16 times. He helped the team win the championship of the Pioneer League in 1982.

Released after two campaigns, Kuziomko then made a cross on the baseball professional. In fact, he has refused a test run with the Expos, but he has not hung up his cleats for the same. The journal torontonians have referred to its presence in the senior baseball League of Dorval, within which he has maintained a batting average of ,520 in 1992.

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