Blues, Jazz and Country: Jordan Officer tells the story of three albums

Blues, Jazz et Country: Jordan Officer se raconte en trois albums

Jordan Officer did not launch a single new album. It comes with three opus dedicated to textures, different musical. A with sounds of country, a second that delves into the blues and a third with the jazz instrumental. The guitarist-singer from montreal is fun and it has not done things by half.

Jordan Officer has several strings to his bow. Accustomed to blend the blues and country and jazz and blues, he has decided to separate the colors that are usually mixed on his palette.

“It is a little funny as an idea, but this is a project I had in mind for a long time. It has never left my mind, ” he said, during a phone interview.

These three albums, entitled, Blues, Country and Jazz, telling the musical story of this musician known for his work with the singer of jazz Susie Arioli.

“It is always a bit of a puzzle to determine my style. I have albums that are more blues, I have a history in jazz and I have all kinds of influences. I wanted to make an album in these three styles “, he explained.

Jordan Officer confesses that he has had to work hard to convince his record label to launch his three albums at the same time.

“I was told that it did not make sense, but I am someone who is quite persuasive. This is a project I have in mind for a long time and this was not something impulsive. I knew why I wanted to do and I was able to explain it “, he pointed out, without knowing if it was a first.

A single guitar

The guitarist-singer in the multiple colors wanted to have fun and above all be able to go all out in these three styles.

“It is a kind of game, an exercise in style and a project that is going to look very deeply my history in music, my influences and my background. It is a kind of autobiography in music “, he informed.

The musician plunged into his musical roots to choose the 24 cases selected, and that it interprets in its own way.

“This is not just the directory that I’ve been looking for. These are tributes very specific to my life, ” he said.

Each album was recorded in a day. A bit like it was in a distant time.

“There has been a lot of work ahead for me to reclaim these songs. There were a few rehearsals with the musicians, but I wanted to capture what was to happen in the studio. There were basic arrangements, but we didn’t know how we were to play these titles during the recording process. We took risks “, he stated.

Jordan Officer has used a one-and-only guitar for the recording of three albums. A Gibson ES-150 in 1936, he was plugged into an amplifier of the same brand designed in 1949 and without effects pedals. It has also improvised all of his solos.

“It provides a kind of continuity of sound that is presented on three discs “, he said, adding that he also plays the violin, which is his instrument of youth, on each of the albums.

A volume 2

The three opus are all entitled Volume 1. This leads us to believe that there will one day be a sequel and maybe three, Volume 2 launched simultaneously.

“This is the beginning of something and this is the message that I wanted to launch “, he mentioned.

The guitarist-singer does not know when he will move up on the boards. The question marks are many, but he admits that he’s full of ideas for shows.

“I could mix all three albums in one and the same performance or do concerts devoted to each of these disks. I could also play in quartet or quintet in a jazz festival with only instrumental music “, he said.

His opus Country could also open the door to occur in this kind of festival.

“That would be cool. I’ve done jazz festivals and blues, but never a event country. I’d really like that, because I grew up watching westerns, and listening to this kind of music. It would be really fun “, he dropped.

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