Bluffs misfire which could be very expensive to Loto-Québec

Des bluffs ratés qui pourraient coûter très cher à Loto-Québec

Loto-Québec is referred to as a request for a collective action regarding a possible breach on its online platform that avantageait some of the players at games of Texas Hold’em poker. The invoice could be of several million dollars to the corporation.

The application was filed on June 1, by Elisabetta Bertucci, in the superior Court of Quebec. It is the attorney Joey Zukran the firm’s LPC Lawyers who is responsible for this file.

According to public documents, ” until the evening of may 18, 2020, the platform of poker Texas Hold em Loto-Québec had a severe defect unknown to the great majority of the members of the group “.

In fact, according to the request of collective action, players using an iPad (and presumably any iOS device) “had access, contrary to those using a computer, the two “pocket” cards of the winner at the end of each hand, and this, even if the player did not want to reveal his game.

This defect allowed the holders of the iPad to collect sensitive information on their opponents, and ” without their knowledge “, particularly on their strategy during a poker game. For example, these information allowed to know if a player was a master of the bluff.

“By not providing to the members of the group a secure platform which respects the integrity and the rules of the Texas Hold’em Poker, the members of the group have been deceived and their consent at the time they agreed to enter into a contract with Loto-Quebec has been tainted,” said the collective action.

This last one represents all the users who, until may 18, 2020, were paid out of the amounts for playing Texas Hold’em Poker on the platforms Espacejeux or OK POKER. It is possible to register for this group via the website of LPC Lawyers.

Punitive damages

Collective action requires, in the Loto-Québec the reimbursement of all amounts paid by all poker players until the time when the fault has been corrected, in may of last year, as well as punitive damages of $ 300 for each member of the group.

In addition, the law firm asked the Crown corporation to change all the names of the users in order to make obsolete the information is collected.

Yesterday, Loto-Québec has indicated that it is currently in connection with the external vendor in charge of the platform OK POKER.

“We are aware of the allegations. Out of respect for the judicial process, we cannot comment further, ” said the spokesperson Renaud Dugas.

In the query, we can read that the Crown corporation has offered a $ 15 credit to Elisabetta Bertucci in compensation after she had revealed this problem. The woman refused the money. It is estimated to have lost up to now, nearly 18 000 $ on this online platform.

In fiscal year 2018-2019, the games in online casinos Loto-Québec had generated revenues of nearly $ 77 million $. Espacejeux exists since 2010 and offers OK POKER since July 2019, depending on the query.

That calls for collective action against Loto-Quebec

  • The refund of all amounts paid by all the poker players up to 18 last may.
  • Punitive damages of $ 300 for each player.
  • The change of all the names of the users.
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