Blurred roads: powerful downpours flooded Georgia

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev


In Georgia, there were heavy rains. There flooded several regions. Rivers overflow their banks, dying harvest. About the situation told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Mikhail Robakidze.

Element caused damage to the regions of Eastern Georgia. Due to heavy rains overflowed the river Alazani. Eroded roads, damaged bridges, flooded tens of hectares of agricultural land.

In some areas hail. Battered vineyards and orchards. Especially the affected areas in the vicinity of Telavi, is located near the Pankisi gorge. Of course, affected the vineyards.

Although the region has installed anti-hail installation, they either did not work or were not there. One such case occurred in The district. The house fell a rocket fired into the air. She was unable to gain altitude, and instead fly up to the clouds, broke through the roof of the second floor. No one was hurt. Although at this time people were still asleep.

“Rocket struck the roof, ceiling and then floor, and fell to the first floor. There was a terrible roar. Slept next to grandchildren and we miraculously escaped,” – said a resident of The district of Zaire Kikalishvili.

On this fact criminal case is brought. And professionals who launched the missile caught in the roof has already been summoned for questioning by the police.

As for the weather, then the rains will not stop for the whole territory of Georgia until the middle of the week.