BMW followed Ford took part in the trolling Tesla

BMW вслед за Ford приняла участие в троллинге Tesla

Broken high-strength glass Tesla Cybertruck have already become an Internet meme. Who not only joked about the new electrophysiol – the Internet is literally overwhelmed with various photoshopped pics. BMW decided to take advantage of the situation and to hypnoti.

The Bavarians released on Twitter is a new armored BMW X5 Protection VR6, where he pointed out that paulinepauline glass crossover provides protection against fragments in case of contact with the metal ball. We will remind, this ball was tested for durability of the glass Tesla Cybertruck.

BMW вслед за Ford приняла участие в троллинге Tesla

Of course, the new BMW X5 Protection – not a competitor to the Tesla electropeople. In fact, Cybertruck not positioned specifically as an armored car. BMW is able to withstand a hit from a Kalashnikov, and optional security roof that protects from the explosion of 200 grams of Semtex C4.

Besides, price of the 530-horsepower BMW X5 Protection starts from 82 thousand dollars then, as the most affordable pickup Tesla costs $39 900. But in Munich apparently felt that the extra publicity will not hurt. We will remind that earlier skirmish with Tesla on Twitter gave Ford.

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