BMW is Recalling model M due to the faulty transmission

BMW отзывает модели M из-за неисправной трансмиссии

BMW can’t sell a bad model to fix the problem.

BMW was informed about the stop sale and recall of high-performance models M5, M8, X5 M and X6 M due to problems with the transaxle wiring harness, and also notified the National administration of road safety about this issue.

The table shows the affected model and date of production.

Location and harness routing a transmission may cause damage to the components, and eventually to a short circuit. The danger is due to the fact that the transmission can switch to neutral while driving.
Technology will replace the wiring harness and route it to a safe position. In February 2020 BMW will notify owners about the start revocable campaign, and the need to provide a car to the nearest dealership to remedy the defect.

Moreover, BMW can not sell faulty cars from dealer inventory until it is repaired.

“BMW is in the process of ensuring that the necessary tools, parts and procedures were available to contact the owners to schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW center to conduct this important review of security”, — reported the representatives of the company.

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