BMW will not abandon large radiator grilles

BMW не откажется от больших решеток радиатора

The chief BMW designer Adrian van Hooydonk told Autocar that his work is to the design of the brand over time evolved and were not in place. Branded grille recently grown to unprecedented sizes, quite radically changing the shape of the front part of the Bavarian models. New design BMW either love or hate, but no one remains indifferent to it. According to the chief designer, that’s exactly what was needed Marche, so the design of the BMW will continue to develop not evolutionary, but revolutionary way.

This principle designers of the Bavarian cars will definitely apply to future models released in early 2020-ies. “The company must constantly evolve and move forward. Once you start to stand still, you become easy prey. The market is now extremely competitive, more than ever, so you need to attract customers with something new and not to exploit the same idea, which is no surprise,” explained van Hooydonk. That is why the future of the coupe BMW 4-series new generation will no longer be a copy of the 3-series without a pair in the rear doors.

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