BMW Z4 Batmobile was shown on rendering

BMW Z4 Batmobile показали на рендерах

Independent artist Kyzyl Salim has developed rendernye image BMW Z4 Batmobile based designer has taken the iconic 3.0 CSL, which was complemented by various interesting body parts.

Note that the new game NFS: Heat debuts November 8.

Despite the fact that initially, the model looks very stylish and dynamic, the modified version also does not leave the audience indifferent.

Massive rear fenders make the car wider and more stable.

BMW Z4 Batmobile показали на рендерах

In addition, striking changes occurred in the rear of the sports car, which received great patrocinadores system and stylish wing on the trunk lid.

BMW Z4 Batmobile показали на рендерах

Due to the wide wings wheels virtually invisible, despite the fact that they have an interesting design.

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