Bob Dylan “sick” at seeing the images of the death of George Floyd

Bob Dylan «malade» en voyant les images de la mort de George Floyd

The musician of legend Bob Dylan has said in a rare interview published on Friday by the New York Times have been “sick” on seeing the video of the death of George Floyd, asphyxiated on may 25, by a white policeman in his home State of Minnesota.

“It made me sick to see him tortured that way,” said the musician, in his first real interview since he won the Nobel prize for literature in 2016.

“This goes beyond the horror. Hope that justice will be quickly rendered to the family of Floyd and the country,” he added.

To 79 years, the folk legend, some songs like Hurricane (1976) have condemned the police violence against the black minority, is set to release next Friday its first album of original songs in eight years, Rough and Rowdy Days.

At the end of march, when the pandemic began to hit the full force of the United States, Bod Dylan had released his first song in eight years, Murder Most Foul, a ballad of 17 minutes dedicated to the assassination of president John F. Kennedy.

In the interview, published on Friday, conducted by phone from his home in Malibu, California, he is pessimistic about the future of the world and the consequences of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“With an arrogance, extreme sanctions may be imposed disastrous. Perhaps we are on the eve of annihilation,” he says, sweeping, nevertheless any concept of disclaimer “biblical”.

It indicates not to think about his own death.

“I think of the death of the human race,” he said. The long and strange journey of the monkey nu […] Every human being, as strong and as powerful as it is, is fragile in the face of death. I think in general terms, not personal.”

Prior to the pandemic, Bob Dylan occurs regularly in concert. He had planned a series of concerts in Japan in April and in June in the United States, all cancelled.

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