Boeing announced plans for the creation of a hypersonic airliner

Boeing is working on plans to create a supersonic passenger aircraft which will reduce the journey time between London and new York to about two hours. About it reports The Independent.

Boeing обнародовала планы по созданию гиперзвукового авиалайнера

Conceptual jet aircraft produced by the American aviation firm this week, will have a maximum speed of more than 3800 mph is almost five times faster than the speed of sound.

Achieving this speed will allow the aircraft to make a flight across the Atlantic in about two hours, while flights across the Pacific will take about three. Thus, the predicted time of flight promises to beat the record transatlantic flight by a commercial aircraft of 2 hours 52 minutes, which currently belongs to Concorde.

The newspaper reminds that now is a flight on a traditional subsonic passenger aircraft between London and new York takes about 6 hours and 45 minutes.

Boeing Savill that it plans to introduce the first aircraft by the end of 2030 years, but warned that the project could be delayed for another 10 years.

In recent months, the company has intensified its research in the field of hypersonic vehicles and in January presented the draft of the aircraft for military reconnaissance (ISR), which will also be able to reach speeds of 5 Mach. Experts believe that this aircraft will be able to rise into the sky in 2023.

This is not the only such project. In February a team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that it has plans of his plane, which can develop a speed of 5,300 miles per hour — above 5 Mach. It will allow to carry passengers and cargo from Beijing to new York in two hours, now such a journey takes more than 13 hours.

The plane, called the Plane I will have two wings. This should reduce turbulence while creating a higher lifting force.

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