Boeing has eliminated the defects of flight simulators for training pilots of the 737 MAX

В Boeing устранили дефекты симуляторов полета для обучения пилотов 737 MAX

Boeing has eliminated the disadvantages in the software simulators-flight simulators used for training pilots of the Boeing 737 MAX, said .

“Boeing has made adjustments to software, and also provided information to users of the system, ensuring that the experience of using the simulator allows you to present various flight conditions”, – quotes Agency the letter.

The company assured that the fixes will improve the system of training pilots.

“Boeing is working closely with the manufacturers of systems on changes and improvements to ensure the continuous training of pilots of client companies” – said the Corporation.

AFP explains that the company first acknowledged the existence of a fault in the equipment, the Boeing 737 MAX.

Previously, the Boeing company has completed the upgrade of the software of the Boeing 737 MAX. In the test flight was attended by the heads of the airline. March 10, in a plane crash in Ethiopia, killed 157 people, including three Russians. In a similar incident in late October last year in Indonesia, killing 189 people.