Boeing is expected to remove 10 % of the jobs in the civil aviation

Boeing devrait supprimer 10 % des emplois dans l’aviation civile

NEW YORK | The aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, in the face of the health crisis and the setbacks of the 737 MAX, is expected to remove 10 % of the jobs in his division civil aviation, told AFP on Wednesday, two sources close to the matter.

This cure of austerity should affect the programs long-haul 787 and 777, and the single-aisle 737 MAX, these were added the sources on condition of anonymity.

It could include up to 7,000 positions: Boeing employs more than 160,000 people around the world, including 70 000 in the State of Washington (north-west), where are assembled most of its civilian aircraft.

Only a portion of the 787 is produced in South Carolina.

Aware of the political outcry that these layoffs could provoke, because they occur at a time when Boeing request 60 billions of dollars of public money for himself and his suppliers, David Calhoun, the director-general, wants to formalize before the start of delicate negotiations with the federal government, according to sources.

Contacted by AFP, the aircraft manufacturer, who must begin the discussions in a few days with the Treasure, did not wish to comment directly the information.

The federal government place conditions on its assistance to the companies ‘ commitment not to make redundancies once they have received the money of the taxpayer.

“Voluntary departures”

“We offer a voluntary departure program to enable american employees […] who want to leave the company with a remuneration and social benefits,” said the group in an e-mail.

“This program aims to reduce the size of our workforce through voluntary measures and, more important, to minimize future personnel measures “, he added.

The vast history of 2 200 billion to stabilize the u.s. economy, severely affected by the drastic measures to stem the pandemic of the sars coronavirus, provides for a budget of $ 17 billion for businesses essential to the national security.

Boeing, which is also one of the main suppliers of the Pentagon in which he book of tankers and fighter aircraft, is considered by many experts as the future recipient of this boost-to-measure.

The aircraft manufacturer may also apply for the loan program of $ 600 billion, in the form of guaranteed loans, targeted to large companies in the framework of the plan of assistance american.

Containment measures, prohibitions of entry on the territory and the massive use of telework to stem the spread of Covid-19, were brutally drop the air transport in the world.

This crisis has led airlines to cancel orders of new aircraft and/or reporter for several years deliveries of the aircraft scheduled for this year.

The owner of the aircraft Avalon has cancelled a recent order for 75 Boeing 737 MAX, and the same for the chinese group China Development Bank, which does most of 29 Boeing 737 MAX.

Boeing does not know what will become of the orders placed by Norwegian Air for 92 aircraft family 737 MAX and 5 long-haul 787 aircraft, after the company is put into bankruptcy four european subsidiaries.

“There is no doubt that civil aviation will have a different face when we go to recover from the pandemic. It is still very early to say what will be this face, notably in terms of fleet customers […] and application, ” highlights Boeing in the email sent to AFP.

The health crisis has already caused damage at Boeing: the Seattle giant has had to temporarily close its factories in the United States and has just re-opened this week, but production will resume in a gradual way.

The value of the business has melted: Boeing has lost nearly $ 108 billion of market capitalization since January, its share dropped to 57 %.

Boeing is still stuck in the difficulties of the 737 MAX, nailed to the ground for more than a year after two accidents close together, having made 346 dead.

The uncertainties around the timing of its return to service. Sources close to the matter, had indicated to the AFP mid-April that the test flight of the 737 MAX, as amended, required the green light from regulators, which was to take place in April had been postponed in may.

Boeing is also expected to change the pattern of the program, the 737 MAX.

Ads could intervene on all of these points in the evening, said these sources, but it is not excluded that Boeing does too on the 29th of April next, for the publication of its results for the first quarter.

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