With the victory the “revolution of dignity” and “gaining” bezveza labour migration of Ukrainians in Poland has acquired the character of this mass Exodus, and with it, ordinary steel and news, similar to the following.

In Poland, the owner of the company threw out on the street dying worker from the Ukraine who later died. This is stated in the story TSN. “36-year-old Vasily mobiles come from the Carpathian region — worked at the plant for the production of coffins near the town of Tomysl. On change to it was bad, but the owner of the plant was prohibited to call the doctor, ordered all workers to go home. The man’s body the next day found 125 kilometres from his work,” reads the story. The Prosecutor’s office accuses the owner of the company that it did not provide its employee assistance.

“In this case, the sequence of events is typical: illegal employment — accident — fear of the employer — decision or omission with disastrous consequences. To Polish the desktop so I do not belong”, — commented on this wild story of the Polish “Gazeta Wyborcza”. According to the head of the consular Department of the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland Svetlana Rats, for 2018 in the first half of 2019 in Poland died and died 794 Ukrainian, and she highlighted that some of these deaths associated with work in manufacturing.

“I went to the factory near Warsaw packaged sausage. The owner promised to pay 8 PLN (52 UAH) per hour, per month out of our money, about 9 to 10 thousand UAH, — says Oleg francescani Lucyshyn. — Promised that I’ll live at the expense of the company in a Dorm and eat in their dining room for free. First, the detained salary and two months paid only one-third promised. Explained that removed for housing and food. It turned out that for such a scheme to throw many workers, there is a lot of turnover. Another scheme — they promise full employment and in fact working three days a week, so this month is less money”.

“I worked in a factory for the production of different products, and took just as workers. 6 working days per week 8 hours for a minimum Polish wage. The change was sometimes until midnight, sometimes until two or three o’clock in the morning”.

“I went to work at the fish plant Lisner. It’s a living hell in the style of the movie “Samsara” Ron Fricke. A lot of passive aggression and bullying. I was lucky to work with the fish I had, I was put on the packaging of the salads. You just stand there and eight hours at a temperature of 12 degrees, in a wild rhythm put the salads in packaging, packaging ? wood pallets, then the pallets are taken to the warehouse, and you’re dragging yourself to a new pallet, really hard. It was time for lunch and a smoke break, but I felt hostility from the poles for time off from work. There I lasted exactly a month.

Last job was cleaning offices. Nothing remarkable: I was treated like furniture, but, perhaps, I was too mentally exhausted by the previous works in order to perceive reality. I really wasn’t feeling well from all this. Many have seen personally and have shaken my psyche”.

“In Poland went officially by issuing work visas. In the listing employment Agency it was said that during the several months (at 8-hour working day) each will receive from 3500 PLN (about 930 dollars). Responsibilities: “collecting items in the warehouse, picking orders on electric car”.

Already in place, this warehouse, I was told that I will be picking boxes yogurt. There is meat stock, but I was assured that employs only men. They say that women in exceptional cases can replace them. Also explained that the payment will be hourly and announced the rules — how many boxes of yogurt should I upload in Autocar for an hour.

For hours to collect and upload at least 65 boxes (less than a minute on the box. — Ed.). This was supposed to be boxes with yogurt. But from my first days were sent to cold storage. Since I work “on the meat” at least four hours a day, or half of their working day. A meat locker is cold, where the temperature is below zero. But the worst thing is that this warehouse is one box weighs 15-20 pounds. And the rules remain the same, that is, the hours I have to collect and load 65 such boxes! As women to lift this much weight?! I don’t know Polish law, but more than sure that this is a violation of our rights. After working so hard my whole body aches, you can’t walk.

A strict system of penalties. If you made a mistake and put in a box or three of yogurt instead of four, out of your salary deduct three dollars. Turns out that whole hour you worked for free. And if you do not comply or hourly rate, then consider a day worked for free. I tried to make it, but not everything depends on me collecting the order, you still depend on other people. For example, we lack some positions and you wait, when them will bring. The car that you have to load, is a very different place, and a warehouse the size of a stadium…

The salary was also not the same as promised. First, the fines, which no one warned. But even without them 3500 PLN per month does not work. 11 working days I paid 1100 PLN. And if in a month of 20 working days, more than 2000 PLN I hardly get. And it is about $ 530 instead of the promised thousands.”

And these stories are thousands. Everywhere the same: sweatshops, poor working conditions, meager in Polish standards of wages and the constant deception, even in the formal employment, with a haughty and dismissive attitude surrounding the poles (I deliberately speak only about the “working time”, factoring out the numerous facts of “street” xenophobia towards Ukrainians. But the real hit of “Facebook” was the recently published “the cry of the soul” of some of Yuri Grade:

“A broken nose and traces of strangulation on the neck — that to me have paid the head of the pizza, which I earned money for living in Poland. I’m an actor from Ukraine, more than 20 years on the stage. Speaking for the European values, came to the Maidan in 2014. Three years ago, seeing no positive changes in the country, at the invitation of one of the theaters moved to poznań, I took any work worked for 12 hours (what’s the theatre, which was invited? — Ed.) didn’t pay attention to any control as zarobitchany.

Yesterday’s event was shocking. The head points to the day of dismissal by agreement of the parties three weeks ago did not pay the calculation and said to come on 10 October at 22.00 for the money. Given that I’m a foreigner trying to deceive me, and when I realized that could not, began to threaten to choke him. It made me call the police. Before the police arrived, the head of the pizzerias in all ways provoked me, but could not help, stabbed in the face.

Strange was the behavior of the police, they did not want to see my face in the blood, not reviewed the security footage, the only one that called the ambulance. (Thank you.) I am sure that if I defended myself, and there was a bruise on the head of a pizzeria, I would have today been deported. Don’t understand how this could happen in a European Poland. I am sincerely grateful to all concerned for their support. Those who are gloating, let him think that this situation could be with them here or in another country.”

Of course, the glee — a very bad feeling, but “where little thoughts to do with supposed” that the narrator himself has “vysekal” on the Maidan need him the actor with twenty years of experience, earn on a life in exile, working 12 hours at the pizzeria and meekly endure “pomicanje” and even beatings from the “European” out of fear that they can be deported.

Even three years of pamakani not save him from the surprise that is characteristic of him, like most representatives of the Ukrainian “creative class” and “creative intelligence”, the notion of Europe as a place where the grass is greener, the sky is blue and all, sorry, defecate violets, differ from reality.

And in proof that it is not about the individual “excesses”, but about the system, and a well and long thought out, with the permission of the readers, an excerpt from his article, written 12 years ago (the computer indicates that the last change of the document 03.03.2007) and published in one of the local Newspapers, not having your website (my remarks in italics).

“The influx of “seekers of happiness” — a huge problem facing all more or less prosperous countries. Try to solve it all, but no it still failed! It would seem — why? Illegal alien is not a Bank robber who has done his work and disappeared in a huge city! It differs from local residents and external appearance, and pronunciation, and often complete ignorance of the local language, it needs somewhere to live and to work. To “calculate” these people are not the problem, and the lack of legal documents ? irrefutable evidence.

The answer lies in the fact that in fact the developed countries are desperately in need of cheap and undemanding workforce. Despite unemployment, migrants are required to fill undesirable jobs that don’t want to go “natives”. The problem that came from afar migrants seek to gain a foothold in a new place, take your family to gain legal status and eventually citizenship. Also they tend to want to raise their social status, to find better paid and prestigious job to open a business.

Therefore, a need for a constant inflow of new immigrants! Accordingly, the true goal of “combating illegal migration” is not the elimination of the phenomenon, and regulation of the process by tightening or unscrewing nuts, depending on needs. This applies to “uncovered” Ukraine bezveze, which, as recognized by European leaders, was given (quote) “in order to maintain the motivation of the Ukrainian people to continue implementing difficult reforms.”

After all, as noted already “Alternative” Ukrainian bezviz, in fact, the same “visas”, just the necessary set of documents must be presented not at the Consulate, but directly at the border. And if the Polish guards “believe” in what the Ukrainians cross the border “for tourism purposes” (employment bezviz prohibits), and “not see” the vast majority of “tourists” lack of return ticket, hotel booking and funds for the entire period of stay in Poland, it is only because these are their instructions.

With this in mind, the optimal solution to the problem of cheap labour is not the reception of emigrants, and migrant workers from nearby countries (of course, such countries have much to give the host the level and quality of life). Even psychologically, the person having the opportunity on the weekend or at least every few months to drive home to my family, much less trying to take root in the city or country where he is forced to earn a living.

But most importantly, the migrant workers, even if nominally equal with the locals salary, is really very cheap labor! The host state it is much cheaper than an employee-a“native”! Judge for yourself: if in developed countries to one working is required, taking into account the number of nonworking family members, 30-50 m2 of living space, the workers usually rent modest housing in the purse, approximately 10 m2 per person or less. The state is not required to support the family of migrant workers of various social benefits, which are usually given to residents (i.e. persons residing in the country) low by local standards, income.

If the workers lose their jobs, he need not pay unemployment benefits until he can find a new one. There is no need to Fund medical care and education of children of migrant workers, making it the home country. She (the home) will have to contain of migrant workers in old age, and in the workplace it will be replaced with grown children!

And yet the migrant worker is extremely difficult to “swing right”: the fear of deportation makes it extremely flexible. Especially since it refers to the illegals, the massive use of which is possible only in case, if the government turns a blind eye, after all, a totally powerless employee, and which you cheat is the tangible support of the “domestic business”, improving its competitiveness.

Such a perfect exporter of cheap labor for Germany and other countries of “old Europe” in recent years, have become new EU members, especially Poland. The expression “Polish plumber” became a household word in Germany.

So we gradually approached the question posed in the title of the article. What can Poland do in this situation? Who will replace the “Polish plumber” at his house? To pay low skilled workers “European” prices, so they are not left, the Polish economy is not.

So, we need to look next to Poland, the country for which inhabitants of the Polish work would be manna from heaven. I think, you do not need three attempts to call such a country. And now for a moment imagine that the level of life Ukraine is at least caught up with today’s Russia and Belarus? Obviously, when improved living standards and the Ukrainians will eliminate the need to obtain livelihood to slave labor abroad, especially in Poland.

And the question arises: is sincere Polish politicians when they say that wish the Ukrainian people well-being and prosperity!? Whether any such live participation of Poland in the Ukrainian Affairs, including purely internal, inter alia, very specific economic interests? Now and at the official level it is recognized that the current high rate of economic growth in Poland due to the influx of Ukrainian “guest workers”.

In conclusion, I want to remind you about the original attempt to introduce a non-racial democracy in South Africa, taken by white government in the 70-ies. Under this plan, in South Africa, in the desert and unsuitable for living areas, was created a dozen reservations for the black population, the so-called Bantustans (the name of the people-Bantu). In these formations it was supposed to expel all indigenous people and to declare the Bantustans as independent States, in which citizens have all the required democratic standards law (human rights especially).

At the end of the process, South Africa would become quite “decent” government, where all citizens have equal rights regardless of skin color, only the color of the skin of all citizens one is white! Blacks the same ? also free citizens of their States who just come to South Africa to work, because the Bantustans are no jobs was not to create them is not supposed to!

Not destined whether our country is a policy of the neighboring powers (not the one that it is commonly called) the fate of such a Bantustan or, given the historically prevailing attitude in the power to the Ukrainians, “the Boers’”? Whether we are citizens of Polish Boers’, depends only on us!” — I concluded many years ago. But Yuri stamps made that choice for himself and for us. And therefore they do not pity a single gram. “Bachily eyes, scho kupuvali, now guzzle Hoch povylazte” says a wise Ukrainian proverb.

Dmitry Slavskogo

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