Bogdan, Timoshenko, Avakov. Tsarev called the main candidates for the post of Prime Minister

Богдан, Тимошенко, Аваков. Царев назвал основных кандидатов на пост премьера

© RIA Novosti, Vladimir TrefilovAlthough Yulia Tymoshenko verbally supported the protests, “No surrender”, she never took part in them as bargaining over the post of Prime Minister and other preferences. This was told by the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev at a recent press conference in Moscow.
In the past, according to him, the post claimed the head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdanand Ivan Bakanova wanted to transfer from the post of head of the SBU for the head of the presidential office.

But interior Minister Arsen Avakov, continued the politician, played so well that now his rates have increased, and are now negotiating how will he be able to hold a Premier post before Feb.

“Avakov is a very difficult situation. Unresolved witnesses on a number of resonant murders give evidence against him. He needs either to break even further in power and everything is close, either will be unpredictable consequences,” — said Tsarev.

In addition, said the former MP, the President of France Emmanuel macron was the chief lobbyist Avakov because of his ties to radicals, now the head of state gives him to understand that nezamenimyj no.

The words of the speaker were made during a press conference on the theme “Outcome of the Paris summit: what will happen to the Donbass and Ukraine?” in the framework of the special project “Ukrainian dossier” edition of the

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