Bolivia announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Israel

Боливия сообщила о восстановлении дипломатических отношений с Израилем

Thursday, November 28, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Bolivia officially announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Israel, which was interrupted about ten years ago. The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Karen Loncaric said at a briefing for journalists.

“The decision on the termination of diplomatic relations with Israel was made for political reasons and did not take into account the interests of the state. The restoration of relations will significantly strengthen the position of Bolivia,” said she.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz welcomed the announcement by the government of Bolivia about the intention to resume diplomatic relations with Israel. “This move will improve the foreign status of the Jewish state,” – said the Minister. “For a long time the Israeli foreign Ministry led the work towards the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The work was carried out both directly and with the help of the President and Minister of foreign Affairs of Brazil,” added Minister Katz.

The foreign Minister also mentioned that the recently held with the Brazilian counterpart of the conversation on this issue in the framework of Genassamblei the UN in new York. “The flight of Bolivian President Morales, hostile to Israel, and its replacement is friendly toward our country, the administration allows this process to develop”, the Minister concluded Katz.

In early 2009, Bolivia, at the head of which was Evo Morales, expelled the Israeli Ambassador, Shlomo Cohen, and seven employees of the diplomatic corps in protest against the Israeli operation in the Gaza strip.

10 Nov Nov Evo Morales amid mass protests that swept Bolivia, has resigned and fled the country. He asked for asylum in Mexico.

On November 27 press conference he said that Interpol has issued against him a blue notice. The document was produced as part of an investigation in Bolivia event regarding November 10, and it applies to Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

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