Bolsonaro, quarantine, announces that he will face a new test

Bolsonaro, en quarantaine, annonce qu’il va subir un nouveau test

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, in quarantine since last week after being declared positive for the coronavirus, announced on Monday that he would undergo a new test and he was eager to resume his normal activities.

Mr. Bolsonaro was speaking in a telephone interview with the television channel CNN Brasil since its official residence in Brasilia, the palace of Alvorada, where he is confined.

The president of the far-right has indicated that he should undergo a new PCR test on Tuesday. “I will await the result with anxiety because I don’t support this routine of staying at home, it is horrible”, he said.

Mr. Bolsonaro, 65, has relativized, since the beginning of the health crisis, the severity of the pandemic and declared himself hostile to the containment measures taken by the governors of the brazilian States, insisting on the need not to block the national economy.

He said, in his interview Monday, that he felt “very good”, that he had no fever or respiratory problems and that he had not lost the taste, one of the classic symptoms of the COVID-19.

On Tuesday, “if all goes well, I go back to work. Of course, if the opposite is true, I will wait a few more days,” said Mr Bolsonaro.

“For the rest, all goes well, we work all the time in videoconferencing, and we do everything possible to ensure that things do not accumulate while I’m at Alvorada”, stated Mr. Bolsonaro.

He said, last Thursday, in his weekly message on Facebook that, after having felt poorly, he had started to take a daily tablet of hydroxychloroquine, a drug controversial. “I’m very well, thanks be to God”, he said.

Used for decades against malaria, hydroxychloroquine is used in many countries to combat the COVID-19. But its efficacy has not been proven formally, and the issue divides profoundly the global scientific community.

Brazil is, after the United States, the second country with the most cases of contamination and death related to the COVID-19.

The balance sheet brazilian date of Monday was 1 884 to 967 cases and 72 833 deaths. These figures included 20 286 new cases and 733 deaths recorded during the past 24 hours.

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