Bolt struck down in its final stretch, the British standardized on 4×100

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    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 17:08

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 17:08

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    LONDON | Arrived at the terminus of his career, the superstar Usain Bolt was struck by lightning in the last line of the final relay 4×100 m World in London, collapsed on the track, unable to lead the stick to the finish on Saturday night.

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    Launched in pursuit of the British Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake and the American Christian Coleman, the great carcass was nose up to fifty metres from the finish, the left leg imbalance.

    The living legend of sprint (eight olympic gold medals, eleven World) has refused the wheelchair that were proposed to him, standing up painfully, holding the back of the thigh left to find his partner in jamaica. Necessarily disappointed as him.

    The most formidable machine of sprinting has the flu for his latest exhibition.

    Only a third of the 100 m a week ago, his first failure in the grand championship for the past ten years, Bolt (30 years old) has missed his farewell to the sport. As battles too.


    It has, however, been in London for confirmation, if any were needed, of his immense power over the crowds which have ovationné and cherished.

    Chanting his name, they whistled the American Justin Gatlin, the winner of the 100 m, which carries as a burden to his four-year suspension for doping.

    The fastest man of all time (9 sec 58 in the 100 m, 19 sec 19 to 200 m) will eventually have especially enjoyed his last time in the morning, for the series.

    At the time of its splendour, and the sprint of jamaica, the king did not appear in the morning, leaving a substitute care to ship the formality of the qualifications.

    It happened that in the evening, in the garment of light in his yellow jersey.

    Saturday night, the magic no longer worked. And, while the Lightning was on the ground, Mitchell-Blake was resisting Coleman (37.47 to 37.52) to give the gold that Great Britain had previously hoped to Mo Farah.

    The other event, instead of a thunderclap, in fact, was the first defeat in the grand championship of the heroes of british, he also fought in the last line by the Ethiopian Muktar Edris.

    The double seems to be banned in London.

    After the failure of the South African Wayde Van Niekerk (1 of 400 m/2nd in the 200 m), the idol of the stadium, Mo Farah has also failed.

    The Ethiopian Almaz Ayana, winner of the 10,000 m, will try to defeat the sign indian on 5000 m Sunday, when the closing day.

    “I was super prepared and I knew I was going to beat it. After the 10k, Mo Farah was tired, and he no longer had enough juice to sprint. I was more powerful. I am the new champion for Ethiopia. I am the next champion”, assured the winner, 23-year-old.

    “My legs could no longer entering in the straight line. And the Ethiopians were strong, sacrificing two of their own,” admitted Farah, tears in his eyes.

    The last defeat Farah over 10,000 m at the World championships 2011 in Daegu (South Korea), had already been the work of an Ethiopian, Ibrahim Jeilan.

    Felix power 15

    The American Allyson Felix, gold with the 4x100m relay, has definitely crossed Bolt and Merlene Ottey in the title of athlete the most decorated in the World, now with 15 charms, against “only” 14 for the two legends.

    And Sunday, the Californian is expected to bring his total to 16, with the relay 4X400 m, including the American are favorites.

    The Russian under the flag neutral Maria Lasitskene has made her long legs for a flight flawless above the bar raised to 2.03 mr. Enough to retain his title.

    In the 100 m hurdles, the Australian Sally Pearson has broken us hegemony over the discipline.

    The decathlon, a synthesis of all disciplines in ten jobs, the French Kevin Mayer dominated with 8768 points, ending with pain in the right elbow and tears of joy, before the pair German Rico Freimuth (8.564 pts) and Kai Kazmirek (8488 pts).

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