Bonds of friendship: the peoples of Kazakhstan on the Day of unity of the surprise of life and traditions

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Alan Kaziev


The people’s unity day is celebrated in Kazakhstan. Compatriots congratulated the head of state Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev and the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who established the festival in 1995. Today in all regions, there are mass celebrations, festivals, sports and other activities, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Timur Sandybaev.

Residents and guests of Almaty and the extensive program. The celebrations are held once in seven districts of the city. At the Astana square in the city center set up a big stage and tents.

“This festival shows the unity of people of Kazakhstan. In this Sunny day we are going to show all delights of their ethnic group, their rituals, customs, traditions,” – says the participant of the festival.

“This is our home. We want to be always harmony and that our Nations have always been friendly. Our objective is to have future generations of friendship between Nations was even stronger,” says another.

“Very glad to see here all nationalities. Very cool presented a nationality to represent Kazakhstan. Very proficient on instruments, dance. Very glad to see many friends,” says a participant.

Festivities will be held throughout the day. Expected a great concert, various games, quizzes. Also representatives of over 130 ethnic groups will showcase their culture, life, traditions, cuisine, outfits.