Boots military: François-Philippe Champagne proposes to build on a list of suppliers

Bottes des militaires: François-Philippe Champagne propose de miser sur une liste de fournisseurs

The decision of the canadian armed Forces (CAF) to terminate its contracts for the supply of combat boots, and instead provide an allowance to its members is of concern to the minister of foreign Affairs and member of parliament for Saint-Maurice–Champlain, François-Philippe Champagne.

This new procedure has deprived the manufacturer Boots Boulet, Saint-Tite, of an important contract, which provided up to 30 000 pairs of boots per year to the national Defence.Now the military receive an allowance to purchase boots that fit them, so long as they meet certain criteria, had revealed VAT New last week.

The minister of global Affairs does not question the decision of the FAC. “I understand that the canadian armed Forces had to take measures to ensure a certain flexibility, and this is well received at the level of the military,” he said.

However, in order to encourage local procurement, the minister, Champagne proposes to provide the military with an official list of canadian manufacturers, whose Boots Boulet, from whom they could obtain. “This is what we are seeing with Mr. Ball, with the federal authorities, how you would steer some of the choices”.

Note, however, that Boots Boulet is a manufacturer and not a retailer of shoes.

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