Bordeaux: Air France denounces “the competition a little fair,” of the SNCF

Pascal Person, director of the Bordeaux-Merignac airport (centre) with Helene Abraham, director commercial marketing of Hop ! Air France and Frédéric Alory, regional director New-Aquitaine, Air France-KLM — Mr bosredon/20Minutes

  • Air France believes that its shuttle has held up rather well since the commissioning of the LGV Bordeaux-Paris.
  • It will, however, spend 20 daily connections to 16 as of 30 October.
  • The airline denounced “the offensive aggressive” and “unfair competition” of the SNCF.

“We will fight. “” The offensive, SNCF has been aggressive. “” A competition in conditions that are pretty fair. “The company Hop ! Air France has released the muscles this Thursday at noon in Bordeaux, during a press conference including the first balance sheet of the traffic of the shuttle between Bordeaux and Paris, from the
commissioning of the LGV Bordeaux-Paris by the SNCF, on July 2 this year.

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On the figures, Hop ! warns straight away that it no longer communicates those between Bordeaux and Orly (that is to say, the shuttle), but only between Bordeaux and Paris tout court (the SNCF communicating between Bordeaux and Ile-de-France). The company is satisfied with this initial assessment, as in “accumulated we display a traffic [down] – 1,5 % from January to September, we resist well,” said Hélène Abraham, executive director sales, marketing and products at Hop ! Air France.

“The SNCF planned to take us 100 % of the traffic”

Well, in September, it is a little less than that, because the traffic collapses – 16.6% between Bordeaux and Paris. Even if the link between Bordeaux and Charles de Gaulle is still positive. “The SNCF planned to take us 100 % of the traffic on Orly and Roissy, it is more than to resist “, says Frédéric Alory, regional director New-Aquitaine, Air France-KLM.

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Air France resists. But declining all the same. To anticipate a decrease in traffic, which proves to be inevitable, the company has decided for the winter season (from October 30) to reduce the number of daily flights between Bordeaux and Paris from currently 20 to 16, including 10 between Bordeaux and Orly airport.

“We, we are not subsidized”

“The shuttle is a service that is iconic, it is out of the question to stop for this flagship product,” warns Frédéric Alory. “Regarding our pricing, there are ongoing discussions,” admits Helen Abraham. But to reach the aggressive pricing of our competitors train there are limits. We, we are not subsidized, but a publicly traded company ! “

A new route to Düsseldorf
Hop ! Air France has also announced during this press conference, a new destination between Bordeaux and Düsseldorf as of 30 October. It will be a regular line, ” to destination including businessmen, Düsseldorf located in the heart of the first German state in GDP and population, and welcoming each year about fifty trade fairs “, explains Frédéric Alory. The link will be three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Mark Smith

    Unfair? Aviation fuel makes up to 30% of an airlines cost, yet they pay no fuel duty or tax on it. Pay the tax owing on your aviation fuel, then you can start talking about ‘unfair’!