VIOLENCE Fireworks, burnt cars, looted businesses… The town of Lormont in the suburbs of Bordeaux experienced a very hot New Year's Eve night, to which the mayor of the city is waiting for answers to be provided

Bordeaux: The “rage” of the mayor of Lormont after the incidents of December 31st cembre in his town

The town of Lormont, in the suburbs of Bordeaux — Mickaël Bosredon/20Minutes

  • The town of Lormont has announced having filed a global complaint considering that its image and its heritage have been affected, after a night of violence on the evening of December 31.
  • However, this New Year's Eve had been prepared by public security actors, in particular with the seizure upstream of 2,500 fireworks.
  • Sub-Prefect Delphine Balsa announces that a solutions will go through the development of video surveillance.

Two weeks after an evening of December 31 described as “dark night” by Mayor Jean Touzeau (PS), Lormont, a town of 24,000 inhabitants in the suburbs of Bordeaux, is healing its wounds. Dozens of firework mortars had been fired throughout the evening, while seventeen cars were burned and businesses looted. “We are in the process of encrypting all of this” indicates the aedile, who specifies having deposited a comprehensive complaint on behalf of the city, “considering that it’s the commune – its image, its heritage – who has been affected as a whole.”

At the end of a meeting of the CLSPD (Local Security and Crime Prevention Council) which was held on Friday evening, Jean Touzeau expressed his “  rage” after this violence that he is still struggling to overcome. explain, as the city makes “daily efforts” on education, citizenship, culture.” “The locals, who were very scared that night, don’t understand why despite their fears. all our actions happened this on December 31.”

No “no-go zones” Lormont”

Most of this violence erupted in in corners of the Génicart district and in the Carriet sector, where businesses have been looted. “Young people in hoods started by setting fire to a vehicle in the middle of the road, and waited for the firefighters to assault them” says Commissioner Nicolas Pérez, head of the eastern division of the police. Especially with mortars. “Facing mortars, our intervention is very complicated, continues the Commissioner, because the objective is to avoid that police officers are injured, but also to avoid serious injuries on the other side ; summer by the use of our weapons, while ensuring the security of the firefighters.”

To manage the situation as well as possible, substantial means have been taken. deployed in the field, with the arrival around one o'clock in the morning of a squadron of gendarmerie, who came to lend a hand to the police officers of the CDI (Departmental Intervention Company) and to the municipal police. “As the night went on calm returned, but it took time, as Génicart is composed of of several neighborhoods” continues the commissioner who assures that there are no “areas of non-right to access. Lormont” and that these acts of violence are “the result” of a handful of people.”

The “shocked mayor” with applause from the windows”

“I was in the field, says him the mayor Jean Touzeau, we saw in him; the work that evening; teenagers, even children, certainly piloted by adults, and in a daze due to the use of narcotics and laughing gas. I also saw a passivity. from some adults who question me, even applause at the windows when children were setting fire to garbage cans, which shocks me. And what is serious is that all this was premeditated. Today, I demand that justice be done, and that the perpetrators be punished, that they foot the bill.” To date, one person has been arrested, the very night of this violence.

However, as recalled by Delphine Balsa, “all security actors; were prepared to this evening of December 31, with all the mayors of the metropolis.” Commissioner Nicolas Pérez, specifies that “2,500 fireworks had been set off. enter” a few days earlier, “in two operations carried out in cellars and common areas of Génicart, which avoided an even greater conflagration of the town of Lormont.”

““We don”t give up”

For the mayor of Lormont, these events are “the right time to bring peace and quiet. public to; through a collective response.” “The idea is that it will be the last time, warns the sub-prefect Delphine Balsa, so we will adapt” in particular by developing video protection. “We can finance the installation of cameras and an urban supervision center, it”s a deterrent.”

Jean Touzeau points more generally «  the weight of traffic which is growing too much” in the districts of the metropolis. “We must prevent the networks, in particular of narcotics, whose financial means weaken public action, from taking on greater proportions,” warns the socialist elected official . “We don't give up, quite the contrary,” he says.